Are Dog Products Necessary?

Posted by waggers on September 14th, 2013

The homes of modern day pet owners are in many ways different from the homes of pet owners a few decades ago. Today, upon entering a house, it is very easy to tell whether or not the family that lives there owns a pet. If the family does have a pet, there will invariable be some pet products in the house. In particular, if the family owns a dog, you will most likely see a dog bed; a bowl or some other dog products that immediately let you know that a dog lives there.

Even though the number of dog owners who buy and use dog products is increasing every day, but there are still some people who wonder whether dog products are necessary for the well being of the dog. Such people often believe that all a dog needs is food, shelter and a walk in the park once in a while.

In answering the question of whether dog products are necessary or not, it is important to start by pointing out a few indisputable facts. First of all, none of the dog products on sale in the market are necessary. Dogs lived in the past without these products and survived so they should be able to do so today. Remember, people also once lived without planes and cars and survived. It’s not like people cannot survive without both of these things. The idea here is the quality of life. We need cars and planes not because we cannot live without them, but because they make our lives easier, more comfortable and more enjoyable. The same reasoning extends to the dog products. Products such as protective dog boots and waterproof dog coats may seem unnecessary, but they make the life of the dog much easy, comfortable and more enjoyable.

Dogs have feelings, and they appreciate any good we extend to them, and feel wronged when we hurt them. So if you love your dog, you can show that love your dog by improving it through the use of dog products. Buying your dog a bed, for instance, ensures that your dog has a comfortable place to lie down and relax after jumping around the park or after a long walk. A waterproof dog coat, on the other hand, can come in handy when you are taking your dog out during bad weather conditions.

Some dog products have, however, over time grown to become absolute necessities, literally. One such product is the feeding bowl. There is really no way you are going to feed your dog without its bowl and as much as you may like your dog, you will be reluctant to let it feed from your household utensils. It is advisable to have at least 2 feeding bowls for your dog so that one can be used to serve it water and the other to serve its food.

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Tracey Cannon is the Marketing Manager at Waggers based in Cumbria, England states that many of Waggers dog products are produced exclusively for Waggers ensuring the ultimate in comfort and care for your dog. The company offers an exciting range of dog beds , dog products, including dog ramp, dog beds, dog collars and leads and leather dog collar etc. In addition to a selection of dog training products.

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