How To Choose The Right Dog Beds

Posted by waggers on September 14th, 2013

Dogs, much like human beings, have their own set of basic needs. For most dog owners, these needs are limited to food, shelter and the occasional walk in the park. For the more caring dog owners, however, these needs are much more extensive. They understand that in addition to food and shelter, dogs need a myriad of other additional things such as a warm bed, a clean eating space, medication, dog ramps and much more. All these dog products, unnecessary as they may seem to those unaccustomed to them, immensely improve the dogs’ quality of life. Buying them for your dog therefore, shows that you care for their wholesome well being.

One of the most important dog products and one which most dog owners usually don’t pay much attention to is the dog bed. The dog bed is important mainly because it is your dog’s personal space and where it spends most of its sleeping hours. For dogs that live within the house, this is the only space that is truly ‘home’ for the dog. Contrary to what most people may believe, not every dog bed is the same, and there is no single dog bed that is guaranteed to suit every dog. With this in mind, how do you choose the pet beds that best suit your dogs? If you are faced with this dilemma, here are a few pointers;

-          Choose the right shop; it is always much better to buy from a shop that specialises in the sale of pet products, as opposed to a general shop that stocks almost everything. If you can find one that specialises in dog products only, that will be even better. The reason for this is simple; the more specialised a shop is, the more they are likely to know about the products that they are selling and the more capable they are about helping you with your purchase. The same principle applies when shopping for dog beds online.

-          Compare; don’t just go for the first dog bed that you find being sold online. Compare different beds while trying to visualise the needs of your dog. For instance, the size of the bed has to be able to accommodate your dog.

-          Comfort; the dog bed is going to be where your dog goes when it wants to relax. As such, it should be as comfortable as possible. If you are not shopping online, take time and feel the insides of the bed to establish how soft it is.

-          Seek help; if you are shopping for dog beds online and are not sure which one best suits your dog, the best place to find assistance is in the user reviews. Reading what other people say about a particular dog bed will go a long way in helping you narrow your decision. If no reviews are available, you can always contact the online vendors directly, and they should be able to call/mail back with answers.

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Tracey Cannon is the Marketing Manager at Waggers based in Cumbria, England states that many of Waggers dog products are produced exclusively for ensuring the ultimate in comfort and care for your dog. The company offers an exciting range of dog beds , dog products, including dog ramp, dog beds, dog collars and leads and leather dog collar etc. In addition to a selection of dog training products.

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