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Posted by johnssmith00 on September 15th, 2013

Sometimes, being handy and knowing your job is not enough. As a professional woodworker, you should rely on some high-quality equipment if you want to deliver excellent results to your clients. Using a planer thicknesser will not only help you improve the quality of your products, but it will also allow you to work faster. Equally, a professional boring bar set will help you obtain precision and optimize the processes. Of course, when you have these at hand and you know how to handle them easily, everything will seem like a child’s play to you.

Working with wood is definitely not an easy job and not anyone can handle it. You have to learn for years in order to master the techniques and obtain high-quality results. Of course, you also have to be dedicated to your career and it is widely known that a good carpenter shares a special love for nature. Besides that, this job does not only require knowledge, but also skills and strength because carpenters work with many dangerous instruments. Nowadays, with all the technological improvements available, this profession has improved a lot and it is less dangerous than it used to be.

But still, the secret of a great woodworker does not only stand in his abilities and strength.He should also rely on the quality of the equipment he uses. The tools of a carpenter are the like the staples that hold the barn together. Without them, no project can come to life. Even more, if the carpenter works with highly-professional instruments, he has more chances to create flawless crafts and to finish them faster as well.

A thicknesser is a woodworking power tool that is used to produce boards with perfectly flat surfaces and a constant thickness. The mechanism used in creating these boards is generally mounted on an adjustable flat surface. Besides the adjustable table, this machine consists of three other elements: a cutting head that is perpendicular on the table, a set of in-feed rollers and a set of out-feed rollers. If you want to achieve flawless results, you have to place the machine on a perfectly flat surface.

Another important tool in woodworking is the boring bar set. The more varieties and sizes of bars you have, the better you can expect to obtain precision. When working with wood, these bars have to be static in size and they are used to form circular holes in the material. Such instruments have been used for drilling for centuries. Today, a modern boring part has three main components: the body, the bar holder and the dial screw. Of course, the design can vary, but the structure remains more or less the same.

If you are looking for a professional thicknesser or a complete boring bar set, you can order them online from Machinery House. The products can either be picked up directly from their stores or they can also be delivered to the address provided by you within a few hours.

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