73,000 Websites Shut Down by US Government

Posted by Branin on August 11th, 2010

Again we see yet another case of the Government stepping in, with attempts to control the Internet. 73,000 blog websites have been left in the dark after U.S. Authorities had the blog service 'Blogetery' shut down due to a "history of abuse" and material stored on the server.

On July 12th BurstNet, Which was the Hosting Provider for Blogetery, sent an email stating that they had been ordered to terminate their service effective immediately, even though the website had been shut down two days prior.

Soon after the provider sent follow up details stating the reason and that it had been a matter in which law enforcement officials requested the termination.

In what appears to be another case of the Government cracking down on Piracy websites I only ask why Blogetery was not contacted to remove associated parties that were affiliated with said warez dealers, piracy groups and "terrorists", unless perhaps the they had been allowing this behavior in a manner which was not permissible by law, in any case this is becoming something that happens quite often, and frankly, too often.

In whole, my opinion is that the Government does not take the internet seriously enough, as if this blog service provider was not worthy of a say in the matter or a trial of some type? For example if a local coffee shop had 5/10 employee's and those workers were accused of a certain crime, would the Authorities shut down the Coffee Shop with no legal process or consideration of circumstances? In all honesty I cannot see a difference here, and the laws for this flawed system should be re-thought before actions of this nature are taken again. However, that's just my opinion, if you have any ideas or comments on this matter feel free to leave them below, what are your thoughts on this issue?

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