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Why Should You Join Keion Henderson's Business Start-Up Lab Program and Coaching

Posted by Pastorkeion on August 24th, 2020

Learn the basics of business and never fail or be the proverbial deer in the headlights. Know how to map, adapt, and take over the changes provided in the organization by the external factors. To get the best and accurate information about such tactics, you can easily join the Business start-up lab programs or those with the coaching lessons.

To know more about the reasons to join, we got the educators and pastor Keion Henderson himself, the founder of these programs.

“We cover the real cases gathered around the world and in our nation. This makes the new-age business owners feel that they are not alone. We all face most of the common issues related to the training of the right talent, getting leads, sales, profits up along with the presence in the market. Everyone wants growth, prosperity, and profits over the long run when we are running the business. However, we all end up making silly and stupid mistakes. That happens because there is never anyone to guide us thoroughly. But with the business start-up labs, you won’t be taking such a blunder again,” commented our dear pastor Keion Henderson himself.

Business is not only that you have the product or service, ready with a presentable website, waiting for the orders to pour in. Work hard and smart for it every day!

“You have to be a proactive thinker and decision-maker. Even wasting a minute can cost you heavily when you are taking big risks. In business, without taking risks, you won’t gain anything. So, you have to stay motivated more often than your employees. When time is tough and unbearable, you should attend the coaching sessions with our pastor, Keion Henderson’s educators. We all ensure that each session is gripping, engaging, and thrilling enough for the young and old age entrepreneurs to keep up the fire in their gut to achieve something together with a team keeps burning,” commented one of the senior educators at pastor Keion Henderson’s church.

Another educator spoke to us. She said, “You have to grow your network and knowledge. That doesn’t come from sitting at a place doing nothing. With the start-up labs and coaching sessions, you meet new people in and around your business. You learn a new perspective and real market trends before your competitors.”


Know why you should join pastor Keion Henderson’s business start-up labs and other coaching sessions online or offline for the better of your business through this press release.

Contact Information:

The Lighthouse Church Of Houston

6650 Rankin Rd (14,316.56 km)

77396 Humble, Texas

Phone. No. 2817413693



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