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Posted by donaldmiller on September 20th, 2013

SEO is a continuous process and once you start with it there is no stopping. This is if you are serious about keeping your website ranked high on Google and other top search engines. They say SEO is a mix of science and art and there are limitations to what it can do. No denying this fact because SEO cannot generate actual sales through your website. What it does though is create a platform for selling and this is what you can track. Any top SEO company like will help you track your returns on SEO through professional tools.

SEO involves continuous improvement because you are competing with more than 250 million websites all the time. Your target is to be at the top of Google page one for relevant keyword searches. If you stop SEO you are definitely going to slide down the order and all the good work will go down the drain. The good thing about SEO is that it can be measured and this is why it can be improved too. The important thing to note is how it can be measured. When you start talking to an SEO company like you need to ask them how they plan to track the project and they will tell you how.

The best tool for measuring the performance of your SEO endeavor is Google Analytics. When you visit this tool you can track your non-paid traffic. Now compare this non-paid traffic with the non-pad traffic a year ago and you will immediately come to know if your SEO strategy is working for your website. Don’t go for month-on-month comparison because SEO takes time to show results. If your website is less than a year-old then you can compare with the earliest date.

Another tool that you can use to measure the return on SEO is the Google Webmaster tool. This tool also shows you the traffic generated for your website. For the best results it is good to integrate the Google Analytics and the Google Webmaster tools.

An SEO company like can help you deep dive into the data that you have. For example you can track the traffic coming in through direct navigation or search engines or through link referrals. And when you want to analyze the traffic through search engines you can look at the traffic generated by specific search engines, both major and minor.

This is not where you stop and depending on what you require an SEO company like can provide you more data. You can analyze traffic generated by specific keywords and the conversion rate for each keyword. You can track those pages that are receiving the most visits through search engines. As you get to see and analyze data your SEO partner can recommend changes in the SEO strategy and make it better.

SEO is not inexpensive because it delivers quality. When you analyze data you will see that it always pays to go with an SEO company like

When you work with an SEO company like you also get to track your SEO returns.

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