The basics of SEO article writing

Posted by donaldmiller on September 20th, 2013

Some people love writing. Thanks to the internet and this thing called Search Engine Optimization writers from all over the world have got this brand new avenue for showing their skills. The demand for content and SEO article writers has skyrocketed in the past few years and there is no letting up as far as the future is concerned. SEO providers like hire writers by the dozen so that they can write excellent content for their client websites.

But one point to be taken into consideration here is the quality of writing. Someone may be very fond of writing but they may not be up to the mark. Hence, it is not any content that a website can publish in its homepage or its blog site or in article directories. The modern reader has some very specific demands and only those writers that can understand these demands and write accordingly can do well in the internet world. This is why good writers are handsomely paid by and other SEO providers for compelling SEO article writing.

SEO article writing requires some specific considerations and this is what makes it such a challenging job. The challenge starts before someone even reads an article. What attracts the attention of the reader is the title of the article. If only it is good enough will the reader move to the article. And to ensure that search engines can find the article SEO providers like ensure that there are keywords stuffed in it.

As far as the content is concerned there are again specific rules. The first paragraph of the article needs to arouse interest in the reader, partially revealing what they can find in the article. Then comes the main body of the article and this is again very important. The main body of the article is supposed to give information on the topic. At the same time it needs to be written in a fluid and interesting manner so that the reader finds the whole article unputdownable. And of course, the article needs to have the right keyword density (about 3%) so that it is not obvious but also to ensure that the search engine crawlers find it.

The last paragraph of an SEO article has to do many things – it has to summarize the whole article and also call the reader for action. This is when the article has value.

The beauty of a well written article written for SEO purposes is that it gives opportunity to the reader to get into action once they read the article and liked it. There are links built inside the article that someone can kick. And when the article is published in an article directory it also has the resource box section with links to the website. The links can take the reader to a landing page and make them become customers.

This is what a good SEO article written by can do. It can pass the test of any SEO strategy and provide the goods.

Let handle SEO article writing for your website and they will ensure that there are enough takers.

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