Is your SEO agency doing the right things for your website?

Posted by donaldmiller on September 20th, 2013

Hiring an SEO agency like is easy enough. You go online and search in Google and visit a few SEO websites. You go through the usual customer testimonials and cost and other relevant matters and hire someone to handle the SEO for your website. It’s as easy as it gets. The SEO strategy is planned and it is executed. Now comes the time to measure the effectiveness of the strategy. This is where you come to know whether your SEO partner is adding value to your website or not.

Some people make a cardinal error in gauging SEO effectiveness – they equate SEO success with sales figures. So, before you start calculating the returns on your investment on SEO let me tell you that this is not the right kind of data to look at. Selling involves a lot many things and SEO is the least of them. The objective of SEO is to increase your ranking with search engines and thus have more targeted audience coming into your website. How you convert this audience into customers is another job outside the purview of SEO.

It is the quality of the audience that will tell you whether your SEO agency is doing a good job or not. The first step in this process is to first find out whether you are getting enough audience through non-paid sources or not. This could include audience coming in from search engines results and through direct navigation or through inbound links in other websites. When you compare the number of these targeted customers with the number of targeted customers about a year ago you exactly know whether your SEO is working or not. SEO companies like ensure that they give you enough data to study the effectiveness of SEO.

A professional SEO agency like allows you to look at your data any way you like. For example if you want to see the age group of the people that are visiting your website you can do that. If you want to see the time of the day when your website is attracting most traffic you do that. If you want to see specific locations that are generating the most traffic you can do that. Similarly there are hundreds of other permutations and combinations that are possible with tools like Google Analytics.

When you deal with a professional SEO agency like you don’t need to ask them for data. When you sign the agreement with them it is then you decide on the reporting frequency and structure. Since professional SEO agencies ensure that their clients are happy with their work they ensure that all the right reports are published and analyzed so that appropriate changes can be made in the SEO strategy.

When your SEO partner is clear with their communication and they show you the right picture you know they are good for you. A professional SEO agency like is always customer centric so that they get more customers through their existing customers.

A professional and established SEO agency like is the least that you need for your SEO strategy.

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