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Posted by donaldmiller on September 20th, 2013

Google has been warning for years and so have been the top SEO experts like Eric Enge, Jennifer Evans Cario and Matt Cutts and still you find website owners continue to listen to bad SEO advice. The Google guidelines on SEO prohibit paid links, SEO tricks, and loopholes and fabricated content and yet there are so many SEO experts and their clients that continue to look for SEO shortcuts. So intense is the competition in the global e-commerce market that everyone wants to be ahead of their competitors. The result is black hat SEO and blacklisting from the top search engines. For any website owner it thus makes sense to go ahead and partner with reputed SEO providers like

Google has actually done a wonderful job of narrowing down the list of ethical SEO tactics. It has continued to come up with search algorithm updates like Florida, Panda and Penguin to ensure that only those webmasters that listen to proper SEO advice are able to flourish in the online search world. All those websites using questionable tactics and spamming online search engine users are gradually getting identified and penalized and this augurs well for the entire online community.

An SEO provider like doesn’t just follow the rules set by Google but comes up with SEO strategies that mitigate risks and create sustainable online marketing efforts that continue to flourish, year after year. At the end of the day any SEO provider wants to increase the page rank of their clients’ websites and thus contribute to more revenue. However, Google being at the top of the online search world it is important that the perspectives of both customers and Google are kept in mind and this is precisely what this SEO provider manages so well.

Today when someone looks at the best SEO advice they get to see those narrowed down SEO guidelines that Google has set up. In a way this is good for website owners and webmasters because they don’t need to be on the head of their SEO partner and recommend one strategy after the other. Today if the basics are kept right and the current SEO trends are kept in mind it is easy to stay competitive in the market and get great results out of SEO.

So what are some of the good advices that are doing the rounds now?

The importance of content and social media has been highlighted once again. The online population wants fresh and creative content to read and this is what is driving traffic and sales. More than a billion people in the world are now with one or the other social media website and thus the importance of social media marketing can never be ignored.

Traditional SEO providers like continue to focus on keywords and natural links and they are now looking to make their own effective SEO rules to make the most of what Google wants. So, the best SEO advice for now seems to be partnering with providers like

Anyone can give you SEO advice but can make SEO happen for you.

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