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Posted by donaldmiller on September 20th, 2013

A search engine service can actually do wonders for your website. Websites, for many businesses, are the highest revenue generators and it is but obvious that website owners want the best exposure for their sites. And this exposure can well and truly be got through SEO. And this is where an SEO provider like is essential.

Many SEO experts consider 2013 as a landmark year for SEO. Google is out with its Penguin update and has released the latest version of its Panda update. Those webmasters that had been relying on the underhand SEO tactics now find themselves in the dock. Their visitor numbers have dropped drastically now and the sensible ones are now complying to what Google wants every search engine service to do. What you need to consider now is whether your SEO provider is about to put your website in jeopardy or not. Of course, if you have been dealing with and other similar top SEO experts then there is nothing to fear.

Is your search engine service doing too much of some things? Is your SEO provider going all over the place with anchor texts? Is your SEO provider publishing press releases all over the internet that are nothing but keyword stuffed junk? These are two prominent issues that Google is strictly looking at. Anchor texts are good but overusing them is not going to do your website any good. Similarly, if your SEO provider is writing content just to attract search engines then it is not going to help. Google has cracked the mystery of judging whether a content is good or not and if your website doesn’t have good quality and relevant content then you could be in trouble.

Another area that is being frowned upon by Google and other search engines is in the domain of SEO article submission. Automated article submissions are not going to work anymore. If you want Google to look at your website favorably and you also want a low bounce rate then your SEO provider has to work on creating great articles and publishing them in limited number of websites. Let work on your SEO article marketing and you will find that there is no delicacy charge that you face. And also ensures that your SEO articles are written by humans for humans and not search engines.

And last but not the least – are you relying too much on Google? Granted that Google is the top search engine in the world and will continue to do so. But think of the amount of effort and time Microsoft is investing in Bing and you may want to focus on that search engine too. And there are numerous other smaller search engines that can bring in handsome amount of targeted traffic for you. So why not let your search engine service focus on them too?

Review what your search engine service is doing and take corrective action now. And if you want a truly great SEO experience switch to

As your search engine service you can expect do all the right things for your website.

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