Should you buy a SEO package from a search engine service?

Posted by donaldmiller on September 20th, 2013

There are tons of SEO companies in the world and most of them offer their SEO packages. The difference between an SEO package and standard SEO is like the difference between buffet and a-la-carté lunch. In the latter you can order from whatever is available in the menu and in the former you choose from the spread in front of you. Connect with any top search engine service and see what they have to offer in terms of SEO packages. Some SEO providers like have the most attractive packages to choose from.

SEO is the most effective way of increasing the page rank of a website on Google. All the popular websites in the world have expert SEO partners like that help them get more visibility on the web. Thanks to Google it is hardworking and ethical search engine optimization experts that are now getting recognized. And in order to give full value from SEO to their clients they often present them with these attractive SEO packages.

However, choosing an SEO packages from a search engine service is not the easiest of tasks. When you look at a typical package there are some standard items that you will come across – number of submissions, number of keywords, number of bookmarking links, number of article links and total number of backlinks and so on. Look at an SEO package and it may not make sense to you. However, when you deal with a reputed SEO company like they will take out time to explain each and every element of their SEO package. This is where you get value out of these packages because you know which package to choose for your website.

Some people are of the opinion that since every website is unique SEO packaged may not be worth investing in. But consider some of the following points and you should see the value of an SEO package offered by a top search engine service.

•             Are keyword recommendations based on the target market?

•             Will there be a technical assessment of the website?

•             Will there be an assessment for links and the formulation of a link building strategy?

•             Will there be social media assessment and does the social media part of the package include Google+?

•             Are there enough reports and data generation made part of the package?

Bear this in mind that any search engine service looks at profit when they sell their packages. But if you know what to look for and what to ask then you are also going to benefit from these packages. If your SEO vision is long term then it is highly recommended that you opt for an SEO package in the beginning. A package from will help you get started with your SEO project. As your website gets more established you can then enter into a long term contract with your SEO partner.

Talk to a search engine service like and consider their packages. You are sure going to benefit soon.

Many a search engine service would offer you their SEO package. Consider top SEO providers like and see if they offer packages.

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