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Posted by donaldmiller on September 20th, 2013

The Google PageRank tool is a prominent tool that ranks websites in search engine results pages. The concept has been in use since the 1990s when Google started evaluating websites depending on the number of inbound links and the quality of the inbound links. Those websites that had inbound links coming in from relevant and reputed websites grew in search engine rankings. The concept is still in use and prominent SEO providers like use their relationships in the market to create high value inbound links for their client websites.

However, Google realized in the early 2000s that the PageRank tool can be easily manipulated. Online marketers started creating duplicate and boring content that was rich in keywords and they could attract links from other websites. Some of them went a step further by creating rubbish content on other blogs and websites and created links there back to the original website. There were websites that still continued to create and publish quality content but they didn’t get as much value as they should have. And these websites that used these manipulative manners got huge search engine rankings. But all that changed with the release of the Panda update.

What Google did with Panda is that it killed websites that engaged in creating and publishing bad content. Content farm modeling and cheap link building suddenly became sitting targets and huge websites that enjoyed immense search engine rankings were suddenly out of business. One thing that emerged from the Panda invasion is that Google now knows how to identify properly researched and well written content. And this is where SEO providers like started blossoming.

Content writers have been there since the birth of the internet. In between they were almost wiped out during the times of questionable link building and creating rubbish content. But they are back with a vengeance now. Websites now know that without proper content it is not possible to get high rank with Google and other top search engines. Since SEO providers like employ some of the best content writers it always makes sense now to engage with them and have quality content created for and around your website.

What does creating quality content mean? To put it in a phrase – the content has to be written for humans and not machines. Any content that is written has to be well researched an original. And with Google now talking about AuthorRank it is important to build the authority of the writer and that of the website. And if there is any call to action it has to be subtle and not overused.

To get started you can check your website’s search engine rankings. The Google PageRank tool can help you in this regard. And if you are not sure how all this is done the simple alternative is to engage with They can diagnose the current situation and then recommend necessary actions to improve the page rank of your website. And all this can be done very affordably.

Getting high search engine rankings is not the easiest of tasks if you want to do it alone. Let experts like handle your website SEO and see how easy it becomes.

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