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Posted by serena on September 22nd, 2013

Now in the market there may not be much real hair, real hair if you want, you must book in advance, the price is about three or four hundred dollars .
Lace wigs pop style is very consistent with the fashion industry, the wavy ponatail is very pop, also the color of gold and chestnut, big wavy bangs also welcomed by people, sexy woman is always more attractive , straight hair does not speak, but she can also join the wild factors, such as hair cut straight across the back of three progressive levels of back hair looks frizzy red, reflecting the style Samantha never used, bright red this year will allow more striking in the report.
Miss samantha is double-sided, the manly and soft: it can be very feminine, can also be very neutral.
The main one is that your scheme is obvious, face and dress symmetric shape of the head of many cheap lace wigs. But she is more suited to some little fluffy hair with volume.Noble and sexy, a little wild, suitable for skin and chiseled white female. A black evening dress, suitable for large-scale attend diplomatic party.
This is a very prominent hairstyle. It is dominated by red and pink, with roll length pieces fit neatly bangs forward with a modern setting. This style is a little "Bond girl" feel.This wig is straight, but not light, and there is a layer completely covered so your profile can not reveal their charm, if you mean good looking, can only say that the morbid beauty! So when you choose lace wigs online store, need according to your condition, then you can match their welfare.

Every time we go hairdresser always need great courage, feared the effect after the change of hair style, more afraid of the pain that remain in the room in a few hours, but we love beauty, so always over and over once to repeat. In fact, the current fashion says we can wear wigs to interpret ourselves "wonderful.
Wig popular style: sexy Samantha  film, her blonde hair was shaved in the final chemotherapy due to cancer, and the choice of using a dazzling array of wigs, clothing accessories bright and flashy are also very very Versace, very special, but also leads to the fashion trend "wig". In fact, simple shapes that can Instantly many different changes ourselves, girls who love beauty why do not?
I do not believe the false is cheap wigs unique charm that they have their own unique position in the market. In general, according to the types of materials wig, wigs can be divided into real hair and synthetic hair products.The advantage is strong realistic real hair also can be dyed, the disadvantage is expensive and not easy to change the design, the price of synthetic hair products is relatively cheaper.

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