Nine ways to help prevent hair loss flowing hair enjoy

Posted by serena on September 22nd, 2013

All girls want to have healthy hair, and the hope of beauty can keep for a long time, how can this be achieved?
Tip1: Comb your hair hair.Comb ten times in each daily morning, noon and night.You can comb hair at the same time do a scalp massage, in order to improve the blood supply to the roots of Hair and hair nutrition. Comb your hair it is best wooden comb when hair is wet is better not to comb or hair texture damage.
Tip 2:Wash hair.Shampoo can remove dust, head scab, is good for the skin of the head to breathe, you should wash your hair 4 ~ 6 times a week (depending on hair texture) is best not to use water too hot for washing hair, shampoo shampoo should be high quality (water) should not use strong degreasing shampoo.When during washing, massage and massage can do at the same time, after washing, use dry towel thick for hair pat, to enable the towel to absorb any moisture, and it is best to let the hair dry naturally.
Tip 3: A reasonable diet.Hair loss, white hair usually caused by blood and nutritional deficiency can eat more foods rich in iron, calcium and vitamin A and the hair tonic food, such as milk , chicken, vegetables, foods high in protein (fish, lean meat, fruits).
Tip 4: Get rid of depression.Spirit is depressed, hair loss, white hair will become lifestyle.Maintain faster.We must have adequate rest and sleep some, a happy mood can eliminate mental tension, from growing the white hair and hair loss.
Tip 5: Do not use strong or shampoo.Such alkaline degreasing shampoo degreasing and dehydration is too strong, easy to make dry hair, scalp necrosis.We must use natural shampoo that does not irritate the scalp and hair, or according to your hair textrue choose a better, and is better than not using a shampoo brand all the time.
Tip 6: Note hat, a hat ventilation.Wear helmet, long hair will make watertight, easy to damage muscle relaxation hair.Especially hairline pores caused by the pressure of hat or helmet should easily cause hair loss.It make a hat, helmet can ventilate.
Tip 7: Stop somking.Smoking scalp causes capillary contraction, thus affecting the normal development of the hair growth.
Tip 8: less alcohol.Liquor, especially hot liquor scalp will produce heat and humidity, causing hair loss.Even beer, wine must fit, so it became liver let "rest" two days so least one week.
Tip 9: proper air conditioning are warm wind and cold air can be the cause of hair loss and gray hair, the air is too dry or moisture are harmful to hair protection.
If you notice the details of the lives of these nine tips, then the hair loss problems away from you.

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