Understanding the Important Role of Quantity Surveyors

Posted by tedmark on September 22nd, 2013

If you are involved in a construction operation you should get clarified about the crucial role of quantity surveyors. Learn what makes a person be apt for being hired as a quantity surveyor and what the main responsibilities of such a job are.

Some people who undertake construction operation do not hire quantity surveyors, simply because they lack essential knowledge about why such a job is relevant and extremely important for their investment. Due to internet facts and references anyone can dispose of nowadays, people have become aware of the importance of taking well informed decisions. In order to make a wise decision when hiring a quantity surveyor you need to understand his role and multiple responsibilities.

A quantity surveyor is a highly trained person who can handle various operational procedures when it comes to managing a construction project. They assist such projects from the initial plan and along the engineering, fiscal and legal aspects related to the entire construction project.

Quantity surveyors are entitled to tell whether a certain construction project is economically feasible and discuss financial aspects with architects and engineers involved in the process. They are professionally apt to apply cost efficient strategies for architects and engineers, right from the initial point of an elaborate construction operation.

An important role a quantity surveyor has is to assist operational procedures all the way through at any stage involved in the process, in order to check whether the budget limit is respected or extra investments or cuts need to be considered. This type of job may also be viewed as a mediator between the entire team workers, that’s why the social and communicative skills of a quantity surveyor are extremely important for avoiding and tempering eventual conflicts that may appear.

At the end of the building operation a quantity surveyor also gets involved in the legal aspects of the construction. Because quantity surveyors are also trained to assimilate law and jurisdiction competence, they can take decisions related to insurance contractors and paying legal taxes.

Its important for any construction plan to find a balance between investment and quality of the resulting work, and quantity surveyors are highly trained to establish a correct estimate and then survey the project in order to ensure that the initial plan is carefully respected and complied with.

The more experienced and competent a quantity surveyor is, the more successful the project is fulfilled within the initial expectation, avoiding unpleasant surprises and extra investments. It’s important for any investor to respect the limits of a budget, and a quantity surveyor has a crucial role foe ensuring all that.

So, get online, make a general idea about what to expect when hiring a quantity surveyor and select among most experienced and reliable ones. Check their profiles, read tutorials, compare quotes and make well informed decisions before hiring a quantity surveyor.

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