Why should you choose an ethanol fireplace?

Posted by AxelPrice on September 22nd, 2013

A fireplace ennobles a home and contributes greatly to the cozy atmosphere of your home providing warmth and comfort. Whether it is a necessity, a space heater, or it is a trend of the moment, of recovery of authentic values and thus a decorative object, from an architectural point of view, fireplaces have more and more admirers. They opt to include a fireplace even from the design phase of their own home (situation in which the fireplace can receive special treatment in conjunction with the spaces it separates or unites by its simple presence) or after building the house (when, depending on the budget, the fireplace will determine the setting of surrounding areas). A modern ethanol fireplace is a very frequent choice nowadays, as it is very comfortable from the point of view of the fuel it uses. Ethanol fireplace fuel is ecological and very easy to use.

In order to create a sophisticated and modern decor in your home, you do not have to submit a lot of effort or spend a lot of money. These new decorative ethanol fireplaces are perfect in any location, whether inside or outside. Your guests will be fascinated by these decorative elements that are both modern and elegant. Ethanol fireplaces are organic products because the alcohol has an almost complete combustion, while the emissions and odor are undetectable. Installation and maintenance are extremely easy to do; all you have to do is to turn them on and let the magic of the fire warm the atmosphere up.

Bio Ethanol fireplaces are fireplaces with fashion design that requires no chimney and that do not produce smoke, odor or ash; they are fireplaces which work on a revolutionary fuel made from plants. Over these unique qualities you can add the undeniable aesthetic appeal, and you get an ethanol fireplace. This fireplace is a modern device that combines all the advantages of a traditional fireplace without causing any discomfort. Weighing far less than a traditional fireplace, this new type of fireplace is much simpler and easier to install and it can be operational in a few hours. Not only are they easy to use, but these fireplaces can also be moved with minimum of effort, being strictly decorative. Ethanol fireplaces are designed to create an intimate friendly and warm atmosphere.

This is a revolutionary concept, created from the combination of two elements: fire and the latest technology in interior design. It is a mobile fire solution, without smoke or odor that uses a special fuel-based ethanol solution which can be easily adapted to any kind of interior, even outer spaces. The ethanol fireplace fuel is a pure plant derivative that burns without residue and exudes a neutral CO2 concentration.

Whether we are talking about wall fireplaces, double sided fireplaces, fireplaces inserted into functional tables, independent fireplaces, classic or modern fireplaces chimneys, garden / terrace fireplaces, or an ethanol fireplace, specialized shops can successfully meet any exigency. They also provide ethanol fireplace fuel for their customers, so that they could benefit from complete services.

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