A wall mount fireplace is the perfect choice for your home.

Posted by CesarMuler on September 22nd, 2013

So far, no other period in history has had such a wide variety of individual styles of decoration of homes, the main motto being: all that you like is allowed. For many people, a house or a home is both a place of residence and a precious design, on their taste. In this intimate environment, a fireplace adds value to the house, the same way a painting on a wall delights the eyes and the soul. Specifically, a wall mount fireplace improves the living environment and it is an investment not only in a good state but also in the future.

Success lies in innovation that addresses the contemporary lifestyle. The concept and the technological knowledge, along with the experience, stand at the basis of each fireplace. The producers always pay full attention to every detail while they are modeling the form and they are carefully selecting materials of the highest quality. A wall mount fireplace is the only type of fireplaces that can be placed on the wall, as if you had a painting on the wall. It does not need fittings, tubing and pipes. It does not need a chimney or ventilation. The advantage of these fireplaces is the fact that they work with ethanol and do not require a chimney. Thus, the limits are given only by imagination, their installation being done virtually anywhere.

Wall mount fireplaces manage to convey the impression of real fire and warmth without limiting the interior space, from the position of a wall-mounted panel connected to a grounded outlet and without problems concerning the exhausting of smoke and gases. In addition,   they can be used even in summer, the flame effect being independent of the heat source which can function as a room fan. Ethanol fireplaces are generally considered effective due to the lack of specific facilities and easy installation, along with the possibility to choose only the decorative function without heat production. Ethanol fireplaces require minimal cleaning and maintenance procedures, an annual adjustment being recommended.

Who wants such a fireplace? Everybody does!!. But those who buy them are generally people who live in blocks of flats. There are also buyers who have already finished constructing their house or have redecorated it and do not want to ruin the walls and spend a lot of money on projects and equipment in order to install a fireplace that works with wood or gas.

The pleasure of recovering tradition, of creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere makes fireplaces occupy increasingly more fundamental place in interior spaces, turning them into a symbol of conviviality, of the home. Regardless of form, materials and technologies in line with styles or periods over time, fireplaces radiate not only heat, but also the subtle feeling of comfort and relaxation that brings the family together around the heart of the house.

A wall mount fireplace could be a centerpiece of your entire home. It can represent the most attractive decorative element, together with the comfortable feeling it provides. Your fireplace is the center of your home.

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