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Posted by aypearl on September 23rd, 2013

There is a family of feldspar in the gemstone. The outstanding representatives of gem is sun gems and the moon gems. Their names come from their shinning light. I’d like to say something about the moonstone which is a kind beautiful gemsotne jewelry. Moonstone has a special structure, so it can shine with light blue, like a quiet night in the moonlight. According to the legend, the sun gems and the moon are the gifts that the god give to human beings.
Nowadays, more and more jewelry that are made of the moonstone. People pay much attention to its characters and the more important is the functions of it. Moonstone is not only a beautiful one. It also can benefit to people if people wear it all the time.
Wholesale gemstone jewelry has developed a lot than before. It also released many kinds of fashion moonstone jewelry. Moonstone is colorless and transparent. Evaluation of the transparency of moonstone is extremely important. As for the gems, the more transparent, the higher value. Yellow to orange, translucent, dark inclusions reflective effect is better for moonstone market.
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The output of the moonstone is less. Most of them are collected by people. Moonstone is one of the gems that most people like. People believed that it can awaken tender passion of a beloved. It is the birthstone of June just like pearl. It represents the wealth and longevity. It is also a lucky stone which can bring people good luck.
There are many fashion gemstone necklace, while I love the moonstone best. In my opinion, it is really suitable for all the girls. It is a stone which can bring love to them and send out the romantic emotional appeal. It is the best token of promise. It can help to make love again and help them to attract the mates. So for the girls, the moonstone jewelry is really a good choice. They can feel the sweet love if they keep wearing it.
There are still many other functions of the moonstone jewelry. If you want to buy a piece, you can find more knowledge about it. Then you will feel happy when you own it.

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