Do you need a Loopband or another type of Fitnessapparatuur

Posted by AngeloEverton on September 23rd, 2013

Loopband is agreat piece of Fitnessapparatuur. It provides you with an opportunity of great cardiovascular exercise in the comfort of your own home. Loopband offers many benefits compared to just running. This is an exception in the world of Fitnessapparatuur, as most Fitnessapparatuur are not as good as their more natural alternatives such as free weights. Loopband, however, lets you run in a comfortable environment. It also minimizes the risk of injury, both sudden, such as falling due to an uneven surface, and gradual, such as knee or ankle damage due to repeated stress of running over pavement.

It also lets you control your running better. Many modern Loopband track how much you run and at what speed, and also how much calories you burn during running. Of course, you can also use various measuring devices while running, but they may not be as accurate at measuring calories, distance, and speed as a good Fitnessapparatuur. Plus when running at home on you don’t have to breathe in the dust and carbon emissions from cars, you don’t get annoying encounters with dogs, and if you feel self-conscious when running, you won’t have this problem when running inside. It’s safe to say that running at home is much better than running outside. But is a Loopband the best piece of Fitnessapparatuur when it comes to at home cardiovascular exercise? How does it compare to a cross trainer or an exercise bike?

Well, treadmill offers several bonuses compared to a cross trainer. First of all, it’s more versatile. You can start with a brisk walk, gradually warm up to an uphill sprint and then cool down to a walk again. This is both good for your cardiovascular system and efficient, as you’ll get a good warm up and will be able to run faster with less risk of injury. Treadmills also emulate natural movements of walking, jogging and running. These movements are those that your body is best adapted to perform. You’ll also bury more calories on a treadmill than on another piece of Fitnessapparatuur. And a treadmill has another large bonus. It has a big weight bearing effect, meaning that it will help you strengthen your bones and muscles and prevent age-related skeletal diseases such as osteoporosis.

Treadmill has minuses too. It can be tougher on the joints than a cross trainer is because of the impact they receive while you run. This is especially true if you don’t warm up or stretch properly. Another minus is that if you want to know your heart rate while running on a treadmill you will have to hold on to treadmill handles. This isn’t the most natural thing to do during a walk, a jog or a run, and can thus be uncomfortable and problematic. Another minus is unnatural posture. It’s not inherent to the treadmill, though. It has more to do with a person buying a treadmill without checking if it’s comfortable to run on first. A treadmill can be too short for some people, leading to artificial posture while running. This in turn increases the risk of injury.

A Loopband is a great piece of Fitnessapparatuur, and chances are it’s the one that will most fit your goals.

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