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Posted by adairsawyer on September 23rd, 2013

If you have recently relocated in Norway and want to experience the local culture at full capacity, one of the best things you can to is purchase or rent a boat. Having the ability to sail around the Norwegian costal line can prove highly beneficial, as the boat can be used for commercial purpose and leisure. However, since May 2010, no person is allowed to sail in the state’s waters without a boat license (Båtlappen), and such a permit cannot be obtained without attending the boat license examination (Båtførerprøve). This does not mean you should be terrified of the process! Getting the type of certification needed to pilot a boat is not hard, and often times, such documents are even given to 16 year olds. This article will offer you answer for some of the most common question people ask themselves regarding the sailing license and the test which they should pass.

What is the minimum age at which a person can get a license?

According to the rules established by the Norwegian Maritime Directory, a person can attend the examination process at the age of 14, but will only receive its permit when he or she has reached the age of 16. Even in such a situation, the 16 year old is not allowed to operate a boat which exceeds 8 meters, one that has an engine stronger than 10hp, and one that goes faster than 10 knots (18.5 km/h). The reason why this rules have been established is that, the speed previously mentioned is that at which the boat starts to plane on water, and an unskilled driver might loose control of it easily.

Am I obligated to attend special courses before the examination?

Even though the Norwegian authority does not force those want to take a boat license to attend a special course, it is strongly advised that you do, as such training may strengthen your already existing skills or bring new knowledge. It is always best to know more, than to know less about any matter, and if you think about the adventurous nature of such an activity, the idea of a course sounds more than necessary.

When is it best to take the course and the examination?

We all know the weather in Norway is quite stubborn, especially during fall and winter season. If you want to be able to learn how to sale without having to panic about storms and heavy snow, one the best things you can is attend those courses which are held in spring or summer. The same goes for the examination process! One the most advisable things for an inexperienced boat operator is to always sail in perfectly safe conditions.

What type of training is available and how long will it take?

The type of training you choose will strongly depend on your budget and the amount of free time you have on your hands. Depending on the firm which offers you this type of service, the course can last between a 5-8 hours. However, there are companies which offer 26 hours extended courses. In addition to that, for those of you who are working and do not have time to attend such meetings, some firms provide interesting and useful online courses. By relying on this type of service you will have access to videos and other helpful tools, as well as be in permanent connection with highly skilled professionals who can offer you advice on any matter.

You can’t operate a boat without a Båtlappen, but we can help you get one! Let us offer you the training you need before attending the Båtførerprøve! Our student’s success rates are more than proof that we take our jobs seriously. Visit our internet page to find out more on how we can help you get the boat license you have always wanted!

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