Want to sail a boat in Norway? Here are so tips on how you can get a b?tlappen!

Posted by adairsawyer on September 23rd, 2013

Even though most people think sailing a boat sounds like a really hard task, nowadays almost anyone with proper learning skills can do so. All you will need to do to achieve this goal is some money for courses, some spare time, but also the willingness to do some thorough research when it comes to choosing the right form of training. In this article we will offer you some information regarding the best way of choosing the proper courses, but also data on the requirements you must meet to pass the Båtførerprøve and get your desired Båtlappen.

For those of you that already own a driver’s license, you should know that getting the right permit for piloting a boat is a quite similar process. You will start by following a course and end with attending an exam which will stand as proof that you have managed to learn all there is to know about the watercraft you are planning to sail on. If you are planning on sailing your vessel in the coastal region of Norway, we feel obliged to inform you that the Norwegian authority does not force people to attend any courses before going to take the exam. However, if you want to know all necessary information about the vessel you are about to pilot, but also be familiar with safety procedures, gain the ability to identify the best weather to travel without any risks, and last, but not least, have the knowledge to offer first aid to any passenger who might need it.

If you are wondering on how you can easily find the right courses that will offer you access to all of the above information, we suggest you contact the department of recreation located in your region. If you do not have time to research the companies they suggest by foot, you can always try to find out more about them from the comfort of your own home. With the help of a proper internet connection, you will have the ability to visit each firm’s website and see how many years it has been in business for, read testimonials from past clients and gather all the data you need to make an educated decision. For those of you who lack the time to attend a regular course, there is always the possibility of getting your training online. If you are planning on piloting a larger or faster boat, we advise you to follow a more intensive course, or an online one which offers multiple pictures and videos.

When it comes to the requirements you must meet to get such a license, keep in mind that minors are allowed to sit the coxswain exam starting from the age of 14, but will legally get their permit when they turn 16. In addition to that, they will not be allowed to sail boats which can reach a speed faster than 10 knots, meaning one which has an engine stronger than 10 hp. When it comes to adults, all those who are planning to operate a boat longer than 8 meters or one of which the engine exceeds 25 hp, will need a license.

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