Asian Fashion Autumn Dresses Matching with Jacket

Posted by 7efashion on September 24th, 2013

Lead: early autumn temperatures begin to fall, sooner or later, the cool side, do not rush summer dress it up, you can easily cope with a jacket temperature and occasions of all kinds, whether you want a street tide female wind, the wind or the College England is retro, with the right mix can make you miss the chance and have a type. still worry how with you? keep up with the pace of small series to see Europe Street beat up people with the skill of a twelve strokes from high school, tomorrow wearing a jacket + dress perfect to show yourself.

Autumn korea clothing online shopping dress with jacket 1 

Matching skill: khaki a mix, giving a warm and comfortable feeling, print dress, such as painting texture, elegant, belts increase, you can adjust the ratio, coupled with high heels, there was an immediate big legs up.

Autumn dress with jacket 2

Matching skill: College wind to go from, splicing rendering vest, skirt very literary feel, easy to deal with a thin coat of gray temperature changes, the back a big bag, put on flat shoes, comfortable.

Autumn dress with jacket 3

Matching skill: This one is more suitable with a small gathering of a few friends, casual and not solemn, high waist striped vest skirt, casual and playful, yellow short coat, it is a young and dynamic. Red fish head wedge heel scaling a good helper.

Autumn dress with jacket 4

Matching skill: retro print dress show women's elegant and restrained, red jacket Slim is fascinating and charming, warm and generous.

Autumn dress with jacket 5

Matching skill: lace dress wrinkle treatment, three-dimensional sense out of the blue leather jacket with a white dress is very elegant clean, pink shoes within the higher, change the ratio charade.

Autumn dress with jacket 6

Matching skill: wine red jacket gives a retro feel, with a black dress sexy and mysterious, skirt hem Gaocha, seductive reverie, pointed high-heeled shoes are also very feminine.

Autumn dress with jacket 7

Matching skill: navy blue with yellow goose elegant ride, very comfortable cotton texture dress, collar perspective processing, have become more changes, coat cuff stitching also adds interest. British retro shoes great taste it.

Autumn dress with jacket 8

Matching skill: brilliant purple, always kind of girl into a woman's feelings, taro purple dress with a little deeper purple, very layered, fringed heels echoing jacket.

Autumn asian clothing online dress with jacket 9

Matching skill: dazzling yellow organza pleated skirt, full of vitality, English large pattern street sense, rivets leather jacket cool handsome rock feel.

Denim Jacket + Dress 10

White knitted dress, knitted requirements for workmanship is very fine, always have been investigated designer sewing craft a major difficulty, fine knit dress with a full range of ladies, they were sexy micro dew sweet, things take a long section of washed denim jacket , cuffs on the turn, the same length knit dress, revealing slender legs, autumn is definitely an option for leisure is a sexy, while the other accessories is also very important, snakeskin pattern or plain black bag is a good choice.

Denim Jacket + Dress 11

Lace chiffon dress, sweet and fresh range of choice, as chiffon and satin fabrics fashion designer who has been the most difficult to control is the great love of women, outside the ride cowboy thin coat length slightly shorter than the dress, chest accessories so it is not so monotonous dress, bag and boots color similar color with no significant messy.

Denim Jacket + Dress 12

White chiffon dress with a denim vest jacket, fresh and clean, the cat must be designed vest with a retro, black boots even more handsome cool.

Denim Jacket + Dress 13

Printed package hip dress, printing chic, and the waist was tall, with loose denim jacket, fashion, a pair of black high heels, more legs, the overall mix is very brisk.

Denim Jacket + Dress 14

Floral dress with matching solid color, accompanied by a small black belt, simple and natural, outside the ride cowboy jacket, portable small black bag, the overall style casual nature.

Denim Jacket + Dress 15

Dark blue dress, outside the ride a blue denim jacket, dark and light collide, color levels seem obvious, hand bag and more with gray and blue, overall color is very clear, red high-heeled shoes add a touch of dazzling, brighten the overall color feeling.

Denim Jacket + Dress 16

Denim jacket with a white knitted lace dress, classic match models, denim dress with a thin coat around with long, slightly revealing skirt knitted lace, lace is under the slender legs, slightly exposed sexy, natural brown color with flat shoes, waist can be coupled with a waist, there will be good results.

Denim Jacket + Dress 17

Black waist dress with dark denim jacket, casual elegance and style of the collision, collar-style necklace very chic, silver clutch is quite dazzling.

Denim Jacket + Dress 18

Little black shift dress with black belt, which was also significantly thin waist, things take a long section of thin pale denim jacket, patent leather satchel reflective rosy, round hat and dress color similar to the overall mix comfortable and natural.

Denim Jacket + Dress 19

Blue print dress, sweet and cute, things take a deep solid color denim jacket, increased leisure texture, printing a small backpack with headdress complement each other very eye-catching.

Denim Jacket + Dress 20

White Siamese pants with a blue denim jacket, classic reproduce, Siamese pants waist no significant fat, loose, casual denim jacket, light brown bag is simple and natural, Europe Street beat model. It will be perfect to wear with China wholesale shoes sandals

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