The mysterious amethyst jewelry

Posted by aypearl on September 25th, 2013

How do you think of crystal jewelry? Which part of it attract you most? For its glorious colors, hyaline pure or its mysterious power? As for most people, I think the mysterious power is the most attractive part.

As referred to the mystery of crystal jewelry, the amethyst jewelry is absolutely the most mysterious and attractive crystal in the wholesale crystal jewelry. Compared with citrine jewelry, amethyst jewelry is not so solemn, compared with smoky quartz jewelry, amethyst jewelry is not so peaceful, compared with green crystal jewelry, amethyst jewelry is not so natural, but it makes people feel more elegant, low profile with luxury, mysterious and intoxicating.

If you observe carefully, you would find amethyst jewelry appeared many times in movies, especially movies with magic. I think there is no doubt that amethyst jewelry is the preference to witches, in many movies we can find that the witches always wear amethyst jewelry bracelet, necklace or earrings. For example, in Zhou Xingchi’s movie “A Chinese Odyssey”, the most beautiful scene is that Zixia goddess waggled her hand with complacent smile, it was a amethyst bracelet in her hand. From this classical scene which attracted a lot of people, we can see that amethyst jewelry is so popular with magic figures. Why? Because the mysterious power it owns. Also,  amethyst jewelry has a lot of functions, such as developing you capacity, smoothing you mood, concentrating you mind and making people feel courage and strength, it represents the noble and pure love between lovers, and also it’s called the “guardian stone of love” in the west. Someone says that, amethyst has high energy, if you wear amethyst bracelet for a long time, it would change your fate, enhance your instinct and subconscious and give you energy.

Generally speaking, the mysterious crystal jewelry is the apple of many people. Do you want to make a change and find some mysterious things? Amethyst jewelry is a great choice.

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