A Guide To Buying The Right Waders For You

Posted by aquazfishing on September 26th, 2013

The days of heavy, ill fitting waders which bathed you in sweat every minute you wore them, are long gone. They have been replaced with comfortable, cool waders which not just enhance your fishing experience but also make you look stylish while you enjoy fishing. Waders come in many varieties, like-breathable waders, chest waders etc., so, choosing the right waders suiting your requirements can be a bit tricky task esp. for the first time buyers. So, here are few points that must be kept in mind while buying the waders.

Why is wader fitting important?

The waders you buy should be comfortable as sometimes you are going to be wearing them for the whole day while fishing. If your waders do not fit right not only will you be uncomfortable, but also you will find that you will tire much easier, which could lead to a potential wading mishap. Improper fitting waders can also restrict your range of motion while climbing over rocks or getting in and out of a boat, all of which could also contribute to a wading mishap or fall that could cause personal or equipment damage. Therefore, it is important to buy comfortable waders.

What factors to consider while buying waders?

For warm climate

Breathable waders are preferable, allowing sweat to escape, but are still waterproof. A breathable wader offers a more versatile purchase, which you can layer with. You can hike further to your fishing spot with this lighter, more breathable and versatile material.

Cold weather

Neoprene is more insulating in cold weather, and cold water-3mm for chilly conditions, 5mm for very cold weather and water. Stretch material allows for closer body fit and helps retain body heat.

Wader styles available

Chest Waders: Chest waders allow you to wade deepest and are most popular with river and stream anglers. Hip waders are perfect for shallow streams and creeks. They're perfect on hot summer days when you don't want to wet wade and the best of them can easily be packed in to the water you are fishing.

Waist-high waders: Waist-high waders are, of course, a compromise between the two, allowing you to wade as deep as most anglers are comfortable with, without wearing a short fly fishing vest.

Where to find the right waders?

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