Solar water heaters Can Be Used Throughout The Year

Posted by Johny Dean on September 26th, 2013

Solar water heaters are great for energy consumption and big savings on electricity bills. It is easy to build your own solar water heaters with the help of a solar water heater packages that you can get at the store. As more people are becoming aware of the importance of energy consumption there are more manufacturers of solar water heaters in the market. That several designs that can be suit your needs, which you can choose from.

For example there are solar water tanks that are placed strategically so that the suns energy is directly falling on the panel. There are pipes that connect the solar water heater to your home plumbing system that can providing hot water when needed. The solar water tanks should be painted black because the color black absorbs the sun’s light and helps to keep the water tank hot. Many people often put the solar water tanks in plain glasses boxes so that the heat directly falls on the water and heats it up. The water also stays hot and retains heat because of the solar water tanks that are made of glass.

Solar water heaters also have mirrors that are attached to them. These mirrors are movable and are placed in a very strategically way that the sun’s rays fall directly on them. The rays are then reflected on the tank and the heat is increased around the surface area. This kind of heating system is known to be extremely effective. However, people who live in cold countries will not be able to benefit from such heating systems.

The closed loop option of heating is what is best for people who live in cold countries. This makes sure that the water is in constant motion and it won’t freeze up and cause any kind of damage. If you install a closed loop system you have to know something about plumbing. These systems are not easy to do it by yourself. However this kind of solar energy system will be able to reduce your energy cost by a large extent and it uses less the carbon footprints. A Solar water heater is cost-effective when you build them. It won’t cost you more than a $100 and after you installed it; it will be able to provide you with heat powered with pure solar energy.

A do-it-yourself kit of solar energy heaters comes with a complete package of everything that you would need to assemble the system by yourself. Solar water heaters are compatible with any existing water tanks and it is a very great way of being able to save energy throughout the year. If you are looking for the do-it-yourself solar water heater you can find them at many of the stores when manufactures showcase their products. Using a solar water heater to generate heat is a great way to save up to 50% off your energy bills. Do-it-yourself kits are much cheaper to buy than having to hire a company to install a solar water heater.

You will find that solar water heaters are easy to install and when connected to solar water tanks they can save you on your utility bills.

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