Plants, gratitude, and a herb drying rack

Posted by AmandaTom on September 26th, 2013

Finally, its harvest time! All your efforts and investments have paid off. You did everything right, you checked the pH religiously, you used only the cleanest water, applied just the right amount of vitamins and minerals, maybe even added some special stuff like cannazyme or canna boost, and now you reap what you saw. As you stand before the towering plants, only one thought crosses your mind: “how in the world am I going to gather and dry it?”. And you’re lucky if it does cross your mind, because then you’re bound to do some research on the Internet and find out that all your harvesting problems will be solved if you get a herb drying rack to, obviously, dry your yield, and a bonsai hero to cut off whatever parts of the plant you want to use for your nefarious purposes.

And it’s not just convenience, as with bonsai hero you’ll be able to easily and cleanly trim your plant without harming the delicate growth that you probably consider a part of your family now. With the amount of time, effort. and money you’ve invested into your hydroponic garden, you probably feel the plants are a bit like your kids, in that you had to wipe their noses when they were little. You would wake up at night thinking “what if they got sick? Isn’t it a tad frosty in there?”, and then, as they grew up, you had to buy them the latest gadget, such as a combo digital meter, and provide them with special nutrition and sustenance. Odds are you even gave them presents for Christmas.

So why not give yourself a present now that your plants are ready to repay you? If you’re the egoist, super rational kind of guy, you’ll probably find a herb drying rack is enough. After all, a herb drying rack only benefits you, not the plant. The plant isn’t going to care about you having to hunt for stray dry leafs from your harvest all over the room. You’re going to do that, unless you get a herb drying rack. With it, most of your harvest related problems will be over once and for all. Bugs won’t get to them. You’ll never have to discover that the herb yield which you so anticipated became food for whatever breed of insect that got to it first.

A herb drying rack will also keep your, well, herbs, in an orderly fashion, each having its own department from which it will not escape. And once you realize how easy harvesting is with a proper herb drying rack, you’ll feel gratitude to your plants. After all, they were the ones that made it possible. No longer will you vent your harvesting frustrations by chopping up plants with a machete or tearing them apart with your bare hands, telling yourself “but I don’t have a bonsai hero! It’s not my fault plants have to suffer!”. You will finally see the light of the bonsai hero and the appropriate care for plants that it embodies. And you will go forth, and you will buy a bonsai hero, and you will spend a quiet afternoon trimming your plants carefully, cutting them to pieces with your bonsai hero, feeling like a surgeon.

If you’re planning on getting any kind of harvest from your plants, herb drying rack and a bonsai hero are absolutely necessary for you and your plants to come out healthy, sane and well from the ordeal.

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