Make your garden flower with cannazym and canna boost

Posted by AmandaTom on September 26th, 2013

 Making your garden bloom can be a tough job even for an experienced grower. It’s one thing to make your plants survive and grow, but making them flower and give fruit is an entirely different problem. It’s often very hard to provide the plant with everything it needs to bloom for as long as possible, but fortunately there are many direct and indirect flowering stimulators, such as canna boost or cannazym.

Of those two only canna boost is marketed as a flowering stimulator. That’s because canna boost goes right to the throat of the issue, delivering chemicals that increase the rate of the plant’s photosynthesis. By speeding up photosynthesis canna boost manages to stimulate the flowers into maturing faster, in turn making the plants carry fruits quicker. The stimulator was originally designed as a solution purely for hydroponics. It was intended to be used for tank mixing with the nutrient solution. However, canna boost can also be used on soil-grown plants. This makes it a must have for all gardeners who want to have their plants flower faster and produce better and bigger fruit yield. This stimulant can be used on all plants, and still provide excellent results, as it works with all plant types, no matter your growing method.

Another flowering stimulant is called cannazym. It’s different from canna boost because it influences plant flowering and fruit growth indirectly. It’s still a very useful stimulant to have around, even though it’s a bit less effective than direct flowering stimulators. On the other hand, cannazym provides many other bonuses to your hydroponic garden. Using cannazym will pay off not only in bigger fruits and faster ripening, but in many other boons to your plants.

There are many ingredients in cannazym, and all are beneficial to the plants in some way. Its primary goal is to break down dead roots that the plant no longer benefits from. The dead roots cause several problems for the plant, but the biggest by far is that they provide an ideal breeding ground for all kinds of mold and malignant bacteria. These organisms do not limit themselves to dead roots, however, and will attempt to infect the plants and the substrate used. This means that the plant will have to spend its energy protecting itself from malignant bacteria and molds. Fortunately, dead roots are broken down by the enzymes present in this stimulant, preventing pathogenic organisms from taking over as they have nothing to feed on.

Furthermore, as the system of dead roots gets broken down by the enzymes present, many nutrients contained in them are released and are free to be used by the growing plant. Since the plant doesn’t need to waste energy and resources fending off pathogenic molds and bacteria, and because there is an additional source of minerals and sugars easily accessible by the growing points, the plant matures faster, ends up bigger, and provides larger fruit yields. Unlike canna boost, however, cannazym cannot be used on soil-grown plants, possibly it’s only significant minus. Still, for hydroponics, it’s an absolute must-have.

If you want your hydroponic garden to bloom and bear more fruits, add canna boost growth accelerator, and if you want to add a measure of protection from pathogenic microorganisms, add cannazym to the mix.

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