Halifax Blue Cross: Aren?t you covered yet?

Posted by novascotiagroupinsurance on September 26th, 2013

Each individual is different and has a varying control on his health, some have more control, some have less. Everyone would like to define a healthy life in his or her own way. Halifax Blue Cross presents a comprehensive health insurance plan to you so that your family’s health is not compromised and you keep continuing towards better health, peace of mind and sense of security.
Why Halifax Blue Cross?
We bring you a very clean-cut distinct set of benefits that make us a preferred choice as your health insurer. Our legacy in healthcare, wide hospital network and best categorical products is what puts us ahead.
Flexible Health Insurance Plans
We allow you to create flexible plans that suit your personal needs and your family’s health requirements. This can help you protect your family members at the time of serious illness from high expenses of treatment. These are customizable plans and may include vision care, dental care, travel, hospital costs or enhanced coverage.
A Permanent Health Insurance
What if you change your job tomorrow and lose your company health benefits? How would you cover the medical expenses when you are retired? Halifax Blue Cross gives you insurance based on your current health and make sure you are never out of cover.
Crisis Cover
Heart attack, sudden need of an organ transplant, stroke, or kidney failure, these are critical cases of serious illness that can require heavy costs that may be unbearable for majority of people. Our plans cover such infrequent and high size medical expenses.
The Right Life Insurance Plan
Everyone needs life insurance isn’t it? But does it suit everyone? Halifax Blue Cross has a wide portfolio of products that can fit to your distinct life insurance requirements. There is a provision for non-medical life insurance which provides security and coverage for overall expenses without any medical exam or test.
Travel Insurance
We provide you insurance cover while you are travelling. Medical emergencies or accidents can happen during travel and it can put heavy costs on you and your family. Travel insurance plans from Halifax Blue Cross will provide you financial security and peace so that you can enjoy your travels free-minded.
Worried about the costs? The true cost is an unfortunate situation where you get injured or fall sick without a health insurance plan. Contact us for further information and give us an opportunity in providing you the rightly tailored health insurance product for you. After all, health is more important than wealth.

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