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Posted by northwesternobgyn on September 26th, 2013

Laparoscopy is a minimal invasive surgery prescribed by northwestern gynecologists which helps to view the inside of any part of the body. It is a surgical technique which is carried out with the help of several flexible thin instruments and a video camera attached to it. Generally a laparoscopy is done before a major operation. The laparoscopic surgery procedure involves making small incisions through which plastic tubes known as ports are placed inside the organ under the surgery. It is followed by insertion of camera and the instruments which help to view the inside of the patient's body. The camera transmits the image of the internal part of the body on the monitor screen. Thus in the laparoscopic surgery a video camera acts as the Chicago gynecologist or surgeon's eye without making the traditional large incision.

Laparoscopy procedure has lot of benefits such as smaller scars, less operative discomfort, shorter hospital stays and quicker recovery times. There is also less internal disfigurement as it is minimally invasive surgery. Recovery of the patient in laparoscopy is relatively painless and takes a very short span of time. There are chances of experiencing little pain in the chest and shoulders as laparoscopy procedure uses carbon dioxide to fill the abdominal cavity for a better view. Pain killers are generally prescribed by OB GYN’s for relief after laparoscopy. Except for complicated cases most patients recover fully and get ready to return to full activity one week after laparoscopy. With advancement in technology it has become possible to get various types of laparoscopies done like pelvic laparoscopy, abdominal laparoscopy and many more. Laparoscopy can also be performed with hand-access devices or with robot assistance. The hand access devices are new technological devices for laparoscopy which lets the surgeon place the hand in the abdomen during the surgery, which was not possible in the traditional open surgery.

This technique has brought about a rapid development in a variety of pancreatic, liver and biliary procedures such as the Whipple operation, distal pancreatectomy and liver resection. The robot supported surgery has a computer-assisted robotic system which allows higher precision and better visualization eventually helps perform laparoscopy in a less invasive way.

In this procedure, there is no direct physical connection between the Chicago gynecologist (surgeon) and the patient; things are done in a mechanical way. The Chicago obgyn generally sits facing a computer console with a 3 dimensional view of the operating field and operates two masters that control two mechanical arms of the robot. Typically the robot's arms has specialized instruments with hand-like movement carrying out the surgery. Three small incisions are made in the abdomen by the northwestern OB GYN and video camera is passed through it. The video camera provides high resolution, high magnification and an in-depth perception. The whole procedure is visible on the monitor. With the tremendous advancement in technology, we can expect a huge leap in the medical field too .It will not be unnatural to expect a fully automated Laparoscopy Surgery procedure to be introduced some time soon.

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