Hot tub heater: sweet prince of hot tub parts

Posted by audreytaylor on September 26th, 2013

Hot tubs are great. No, actually, hot tubs are awesome. Hot tubs save you from some weird skin mites that apparently populate your skin and ignore all kinds of showers. Hot tubs protect you from arthritis by heating up your body to the point when gold teeth melt and by making you all floaty. Hot tubs even save you from type 2 diabetes by some unknown wizardry. To use hot tubs, however, one most know hot tubs. And the first thing you need to know about hot tubs is that they are made of hot tub parts, and that a hot tub heater is the prince of all hot tub parts.

Why? Because a hot tub would not be a hot tub without a hot tub heater. Your hot tub can survive without many hot tub parts. A spa pump is great but ultimately not needed. Hard labor can be substituted for this representative of hot tub parts. A hot tub heater, however, cannot be replaced. Well, it can be replaced, just like most hot tub parts, especially if you find a good provider of spare parts. And you better replace your hot tub heater if it broke down.In fact, you better replace your hot tub heater even if it’s still functioning, but old. An old heater will heat your hot tub slower, and will also take more energy while taking its sweet time. It has every right to, though, as it had worked more than any other of the hot tub parts at providing you with quality hot tub experience. It toiled in all conditions, from snowy winter nights to hot summer days (and if you are asking yourself “why would I want to take a hot tub bath on a hot summer day” you obviously don’t have a hot tub.

Hot tubs are awesome in all weather). It heated up the water when everyone else was drunk (yes, even the other hot tub parts, remember when that guy tried emptying a bottle of wine into a hot tub but you stopped him?). And that’s just your usual electric heater. Consider a wood fired heater. Consider with how much passion it burns the firewood, remember how efficient it was first time you bought it, bringing a tub full of water to boil with nothing but a handful of pine cones and twigs (results may vary depending on model).

Then there are Balboa heaters. They are just like the movie hero Rocky Balboa. Their philosophy is that winning is about getting up more times than life brings you down. They don’t ask questions. They go for it. You can replace any kind of heater with a Balboa heater, and they will work, and they will give you your pleasure of swimming in hot water. Because without a heater, a hot tub is a cold tub. And a cold tub is just sad.

Looking for hot tub parts? While you are at it, consider a new hot tub heater. Even if your heater is still functioning, getting a new one might save you on operating costs.

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