Hot tub pumps and why should you get one

Posted by audreytaylor on September 26th, 2013

Hot tub pump or a spa pump and a hot tub heater are your most important hot tub parts. And having the most important hot tub parts such as a hot tub pump and a spa pump functioning properly is the most important part of having a properly functioning hot tub. And a properly functioning hot tub is a lot of things. A properly functioning hot tub is good hygiene. A properly functioning hot tub is good health. A properly functioning hot tub is a great pretext for a social gathering. Finally, a properly functioning hot tub is a beginning of adventure as you go to find old dead trees for your wood burning heater and end up lost and later taken in by a family of bears. Imagine the disappointment of coming home ten years later, berries and salmon in your pockets, dirt on your skin, to see your hot tub not working because you forgot to replace a hot tub pump or a spa pump in time.

What would you do if you were in that situation? If you were you ten years ago, you would’ve ordered a spare hot tub pump or a spare spa pump from an online store. If you were smart about your spa pumps, you would’ve gotten an UltraJet Balboa four horse power hot tub pump. Unfortunately, you didn’t, so you stand there for a few minutes, snacking on the raw salmon, contemplating your predicament, and then decide to go back to the forest to live as a bear for the rest of your life. Because even while you can still fill up a hot tub using not a hot tub pump or spa pump, but manual labor, dragging buckets of water to your tub, getting bloody blisters on your hands, you won’t do that. It destroys the whole concept of a hot tub.

A hot tub is supposed to pamper you. Taking a hot tub is supposed to be an epicurean event. Grapes have to peeled of their skin by scantily clad women, or men. You don’t work the hot tub all by yourself. You either have machine to do that, or servants. Even a bear understands that. Ideally you order your humanoid robots to pump the water into the tub and heat it up using their laser eyebeams. Unfortunately, we didn’t arrive at this point just yet, so the most high tech way to fill up your hot tub with water is by getting an UltraJet Balboa four horse power pump, or an UltraJet Balboa single horse power pump for those who enjoy contemplating the flowing water while chilling, literally, on a cold autumn wind. Too late for that, though. No credit card in your pocket. Only berries.

If you are a hot tub fan, consider getting aspare hot tub pump or a spa pump. Even if your pump is fine today, you never know when you will need a spare, and odds are, you will need one eventually.

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