Hot tub heater and hot tub parts you should have in storage

Posted by audreytaylor on September 26th, 2013

Hot tub heater is one of the most important hot tub parts that make hot tub what it is. Without a properly functioning hot tub heater, you don’t have a hot tub. You have a very small pool and an assortment of hot tub parts that do not serve any purpose anymore. Unfortunately, hot tub heater won’t warn you when it is going to break down. It will give you hints, though, like many hot tub parts. And one of the signs that can tell you that your hot tub heater is going to need replacement soon is the time it takes to heat up the hot tub. It’s not as easy with other hot tub parts, unfortunately.

Still, most hot tubs are made of surprisingly robust components. A typical hot tub heater isn’t going to break down on you instantly, unless you jam a hammer in it. In fact, this proud representative of hot tub parts can serve you much more than the manufacturer claims it will. There’s one problem with keeping it working when you know you have to replace it, though. Over time, the performance of the heater will decrease.

And,it’s not just about the performance. It’s efficiency will go down, too, as it gets its share of wear and tear. Low efficiency means that it will take more energy and time to heat up a hot tub, and while you might respond that you can wait while the water’s heating, well, how about that energy bill? Unless you are using a wood burning tub heater, you’ll see your electricity bills rising steadily, and that’s not a pleasant trend for anyone, especially if you are living in a more energy-conscious country. Furthermore, as your tub heater gets more and more worn down, you will have a bigger and bigger chance of it breaking down, and causing a fire in the process. If you have an electrical heater, you are even worse off, since you risk getting yourself shocked by a malfunctioning heater.

Same goes for most tub parts. They won’t explode in your face just as the factory guarantee term draws to an end. They will be much more devious and cunning, gradually sucking more and more money from your pocket, and then refusing to work at the worst possible moment. Imagine getting your plaid shirt on and going to chop firewood for your wood burning hot tub, thinking about how great it will be to soak in there and wash the sweat off on a crisp late autumn morning. Imagine loading the wood in the burner, getting everything ready, and then bam, your pump stops working. Attempt a repair and end up frustrated you don’t have a proprietary screwdriver on your country property.

All of this can be solved, however, if you keep a spare pump and heater, just for occasions like this. Better yet, don’t wait for everything to break down. Replace the parts as they wear out and save on energy bills.

If you’re a hot tub enthusiast you should really consider getting a replacement hot tub pump or a spa pump. Even if your current pump works well, you have no way of knowing when it will break down, and it’s best to be prepared for any situation.

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