Herb drying rack: just begging to be bought

Posted by adairsawyer on September 26th, 2013

Humanity felt a need to dry herbs for a long, long time. Throughout the ages and cultures, many plants were considered to have medicinal properties, and some were grown for their taste. Still, some were just thrown into the boiling water to make it taste better and turn those “sudden spring frosts ruined the crops and we had to give our last wheat to the baron and have five potatoes left to last us the whole winter” situations into something a little bit more bearable. And the herbs had never let us down. Whether working as a placebo or actually helping us fight off microbial invaders, herbs gave us their best and they never ever rose up and asked “well, how about you do something for us now? How about you use a proper herb drying rack and maybe throw in a bonsai hero to sweeten the deal?”.

No, they always helped us, through thick and thin, herb drying rack or no herb drying rack, bonsai hero or no bonsai hero. It’s no wonder really, since they didn’t have any say in the matter, being just plants and having no other choice than to sit there silently and be picked. Still, an herb drying rack or stuff like bonsai hero is not a recent invention by any means. No, they have nothing in common with those products of modernity TV commercials push on you. An herb drying rack was used back in the time before industrialism, where you had a choice between using your time and materials to dry herbs more efficiently or not freeze to death in winter.

And many people chose to get a rack. Maybe they regretted their decision come January. Most likely though they didn’t, because freezing off a bunch of your fingers is really not as bad as having to swipe all those stray leaves off the floor and then discovering that several of them have mold and then looking at your herbs and seeing that oh god mold got to them. Plus back then your fingers were likely to be eaten by a boar or a dire squirrel or something of that nature anyway, so that wasn’t such a huge loss back then, when they didn’t even have proper surgeons. Sure, we might have a medical mistake here and there, and everyone heard those stories about surgeons forgetting retractors or saws or used needles inside their patients, but it’s still much better than old timey surgeons, who had to operate in towers so people below didn’t have to hear all the screams.

That’s why presented with a choice between a good drying rack and your fingers today you should definitely choose the drying rack. The medics will save your fingers. The drying rack will save your herbs. It will also save you from frustration related issues, such as having to manage a bunch of trays filled with very light (and in some cases very fine) plant matter that just can’t wait to fly up in a mushroom-like cloud and cover your entire room in dry greenery. It’s really very convenient to use. And if you have a bonsai hero, well, then your harvest problems are over. Forever.

If you enjoy growing and getting fruits of your harvest more than getting frustrated, a herb drying rack and a bonsai hero are a must have for any hydroponics nut, amateur or professional.

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