Herb drying rack and bonsai hero: the lesser known hydroponic must haves

Posted by adairsawyer on September 26th, 2013

You’ve gotten your first harvest. You consider yourself a hydroponics veteran. You know all there is to know about plant nutrients, you know the pH level each plant needs better than the plant itself, you can tell how much chlorine and how many mineral particles are there in the tap water just by looking at it closely, you have learned to make sounds in the ultra-high diapason to destroy bacteria and mold by finger-drumming on your growing container, and you feel like after all you went through, harvesting will not be a challenge. It will, though, unless you have a herb drying rack and a bonsai hero. You don’t necessarily need the tools. You don’t have to use a herb drying rack and a bonsai hero if your harvest turned out to be a few sickly leaves. You don’t have to use a herd drying rack and a bonsai hero if you enjoy getting frustrated or don’t value your time and psychological comfort, too. In all other cases, however, these tools are what you must use.

And it’s not just your comfort. It’s also the comfort of the plant. A bonsai hero is a nifty little device which was probably made from samurai swords that died and vent into sword heaven from being sharp and hard in life. It’s a wonder they don’t use this trimmer when they have to cut up old obsolete tanks and ironclads. Probably because it wasn’t invented back then, but still, it’s worthy inventing a time machine to travel to the past, tell them about the bonsai hero, go back home and enjoy all the neatly cut ironclads. This trimmer offers you a Mach 3 level of cutting: 12 cuts per second, and it can only survive for 5000 hours of work before going berserk and cutting up itself. It can also survive re-entry into the Earth atmosphere, and was once used to save a kitten from the tree. If that doesn’t impress you, then know that it will also let your trim the leaves 3 times faster than manually.

Then there’s the herb drying rack. It’s probably the only thing that can’t be cut to piece by the bonsai trimmer. It offers your harvest ultimate protection from all kinds of awful things out to ruin your harvest, most notable examples being fungus and rot.  Many representative of the herb drying rack breed come with an extremely breathable mesh which quickly lets all the moisture out of your drying space. It also protects you from frustration, as a good hanging herb drying rack is possibly the most convenient thing to use that exists in our world. A proper rack can be detached, attached, turned into three smaller racks or be combined with another rack to make a larger rack that you can again turn into a smaller rack. With a good drying rack you can successfully dry your harvest even in that trap room the roof and walls of which double as presses. Indiana Jones would probably get the most benefit out of this function, but still, it’s very convenient to be able to get a rack and then modify it to suit your designated drying space and harvest volume.

If you think that a digital combo meter is the most high tech piece of equipment a hydroponics grower can use, you’ll be surprised to know that a herb drying rack and a bonsai hero trimmer can be just as modern and effective, if not more.

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