Turning your plants into fruit factories with cannazym and canna boost

Posted by adairsawyer on September 26th, 2013

Hydroponics is a great way to make your plants provide bigger yields for just a fraction of the space requirements. Just as the fruit yields from soil grown plants vary from soil to soil and from region to region, the yields from hydroponically grown plants can be bigger or smaller. There are many variables that will influence the harvest from your hydroponic garden.

There’s lightning, there’s the type of plant you choose and whether or not it can adapt well to the circumstances, there’s the temperature. There’s also the growth substrate and water that you use, which is a major, major factor. Regardless of all this, however, there are several things that will definitely improve the health of your plants, and, consequently, the yield they will provide. The great thing about it is that they work with most types of plants and in most situations. A good of example of such products is cannazym and canna boost. Now, it should be noted that cannazym, unlike canna boost, fully shows its worth only when you’re dealing with a reusable growth substrate. Even if you don’t, however, cannazym will provide a plethora of benefits to your plants, and canna boost shines in all situations, regardless of the substrate used.

Let’s take a look at them separately. First, the general solution, canna boost. It’s a compound classified as a flowering stimulator. Flowering stimulators do just what the name does, as they boost the development of newly formed flowers. This ultimately results in a bigger (by weight), more homogenous harvest. To achieve this effect canna boost contains several chemicals that boost the plant’s photosynthesis. It also has several natural flowering regulators, which lets the fruit develop more uniformly, and achieve their full potential. Furthermore, canna boost ensures the plant stays healthy, as it grants the plant better energy regulation, which lets it resist pathogens better.

The second best choice, cannazym, works in a different way. It’s a compound designed primarily to be used in reusable growth substrate. That’s when it provides most benefits. Typically any reusable growth substrate will contain dead plant matter particles. This plant matter is most often the remains of dead roots, and it’s an ideal breeding ground for many types of pathogenic bacteria and molds that are terribly harmful to the plant. Usually a plant can resist them quite well. When they have an opportunity to breed, however, they can grow to a substantially large population, at least substantial enough to overwhelm the plant’s defenses (that’s kind of how it works with the common cold, too, only we usually carry the pathogens inside us and when our immune system is weakened, their population grows unchecked, and our defense mechanisms can be overrun).

What cannazym does is it breaks down the dead plant matter, not only destroying the breeding spots for the malicious organisms, but also turning the plant matter into nutrients which can be easily used by the living plants. It also has nutrients of its own, specifically, a number of minerals and vitamins as well as a compound isolated from desert plants, which make the plant stronger, and the yield more bountiful.

There many variables to growing a hydroponic garden, but adding canna boost growth accelerator is always a good choice, and if you’re dealing with a reusable growth substrate, cannazym is an absolute must-have.

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