The physiological and psychological functions of coral jewelry

Posted by aypearl on September 29th, 2013

As for most of us, we only know the ornamental value and decorative function of coral jewelry, and have little knowledge about the other functions of it. And now, let’s talk about two important functions of coral jewelry in physiology and psychology.
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The physiological function of coral jewelry is some sort of medicinal value. One function is that it can take precautions against some women’s physiological disease ,such as algomenorrhea. And also, coral jewelry can protect the bone growth of our children. So a coral bracelet is a good choice for you to your child. What’s more, coral jewelry especially red and pink coral jewelry have detective function for the disease of blood system. If the color of coral jewelry you wear became lighter gradually, it is likely to indicate that you are suffering from anemia and poor blood circulation. For this reason, coral jewelry is very suitable for patients with heart disease and neural system disease. In general, coral jewelry is somewhat helpful for the growth of skin, nails and hair and so on. As a result, wearing coral jewelry can keep your body fit.

Coral jewelry is symbol of love, it symbolizes enthusiasm and passion. If you wear a coral necklace, bracelet, earrings or pendants, it can help to enhance the glamour of yourself, open your heart and become easier to accept other’s feelings. Coral jewelry can also improve the mental level of yourself in order to become more sensitive to your surroundings, and as a result help you to clarify the uncertain conditions. The other? psychological function of coral jewelry is that the ancient Romans once believed that the coral jewelry has the function of preventing disasters. Coral jewelry has close relationship with the Buddhism in India and China Tibetan. The buddhists regard red coral jewelry is the embodiment of tathagata, they considered coral jewelry is a mascot of worshipping activities.

In a word, coral jewelry is? a kind of precious jewelry with many useful functions. It’s a very good choice for you to buy,? don’t hesitate, go wholesale coral jewelry.

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