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Posted by AmandaTom on September 29th, 2013

Are you planning to purchase a water filter that would serve your entire home? If so, you can consider buying a water filter housings unit with Reverse Osmosis system. The water filters having Reverse Osmosis membranes are no doubt the best water filtration devices providing clean and hygienic water everywhere in your home with convenience and ease. The Reverse Osmosis water filters have acquired high popularity in the market. They function by utilizing household water pressure to thrust water through a semi-permeable membrane, letting the clean water move through the membrane and blocking the impurities present in the water. Any particle larger than a water molecule gets stuck in the semi-permeable membrane of a Reverse Osmosis water filtration system.

Discovered in the 1940s, Reverse Osmosis has come a long way to acquire a high popularity in the market. Many homeowners are now installing water filters with Reverse Osmosis membranes to ensure that they get pure water for not only drinking but also for cooking, cleaning and bathing.  The Reverse Osmosis water filter housings systems are capable of removing harmful chemicals like chlorine, radium, arsenic, and fluoride from water. Research works have demonstrated that the RO filters with UV lamps can eliminate everything that is unhealthy form water.

The Reverse Osmosis membranes consist of microscopic pores that are 5, 00,000 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair. The membranes are capable of eliminating up to 99 % impurities, germs, harmful chemicals, and other dissolved solids from water. The RO systems that come with anti-microbial filters help in eliminating unwanted smell, taste, and color from water.  The RO technology is so advanced and effective that not only the homeowners but also the premier bottled water producing companies are using its benefits.

Let us point out some of the major benefits of the water filter housings units equipped with Reverse Osmosis membranes:

•             Offers pure and safe for drinking  water

•             Eliminates undesirable odor

•             Offers water that is good to taste

•             Needs minimum maintenance

•             Easy installation

•             Easy to operate

Above, a RO water filter housings device is more cost-effective than many other home water filters.

A typical RO water filter comes with a chlorine or sediment eliminating pre-filter, a storage tank, an activated carbon post filter, and a Reverse Osmosis membrane. There can one or multiple pre-filters but the number of pre-filters usually depends on the type of RO membrane is being used in a particular water filtration system. The most common pre-filter removes impurities and sediment from water that passes through it. In order to remove chlorine, you need to by a RO system that is equipped with carbon pre-filter. The pre-filters prevents contaminant build up in the RO membrane, thus extending the life of the membrane. An RO water filter housings unit comes with a faucet that can be attached to the tap. As soon as you turn on the RO faucet, clean and pure water comes out of the storage tank through the post-filter.

If you are in search for the best water filter housings units, you can buy models equipped with Reverse Osmosis membranes. You can visit our website to glance over the various water filter units in our store.

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