What You Need to Know About the Henry Jackson Society

Posted by AlanMendoza on September 30th, 2013

Founded in March 2005 by students and academics at the University of Cambridge, the Henry Jackson Society is known as a British think-tank organisation and is named after the late democratic senator from the state of Washington, Henry M. Jackson. He was known as a true anti-communist throughout the world.  Currently the Henry Jackson Society is located in London, England after the staff of another political think-tank group located in London, the Centre for Social Cohesion joined forces with the Henry Jackson Society.

The society is listed as a charity organisation and works with private donations from grant-making organisations which help to support the work of the group. The society’s focus is for an interventionist foreign policy that helps to promote human rights while helping to reduce suffering using both military and non-military methods when necessary.  The society is founded and supported by members that are united in a common interest that promises a stronger Britain and European commitment for all those deserving liberty, freedom, human rights, and a constitutional democracy.


Strategic Analysis-This part of the Henry Jackson Society is the Research Division that helps to provide clients with commercially relevant research, consulting services, and analysis. This information helps clients to identify opportunities for their business as well as help them to understand their risk when applicable. The Henry Jackson Society’s Research Division help clients in the Middle East, Eurasia, and North Africa monitor and analyse security, economic, and political risks in which their business may be effected or involved in. 


The Henry Jackson Initiative- This part of the Henry Jackson Society is for Inclusive Capitalism which is part of a non-profit initiative that grew out of the Henry Jackson Initiative Task Force project. This was co-chaired by Dominic Barton and Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild. The group worked to find solutions for some of the issues that have evolved from developments in capitalism during the past couple of decades. 


The Russian Studies Centre-This group of the Henry Jackson Society is an advocacy and research unit that is dedicated to analysing the current Russian political developments. They are also working to help promote political liberty and human rights within the Russian Federation.

About The Author:


Alan Mendoza is a Founder and the Executive Director of the Henry Jackson Society, and directs analysis, economic affairs, research focus, strategy and development for the organisation. He has expertise in the Middle East, Russia, Domestic and International Security, and Transatlantic relationship. Dr. Alan Mendoza has media experience in a variety of platforms including speaking on Al-Jazeera, Sky, BBC, CNBC, and Bloomberg. 


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