Great Indie Bands - Its Emergence and Development

Posted by juliabennet on September 30th, 2013

Originated in the United States and in the UK, Indie rock is a diverse alternative rock with varied sub-genres like, jangle pop, lo-fi, indie pop son on and so forth. The term originally used as a trademark for marketing music videos and music recordings, later was associated with music produced and was interchanged with the alternative rock. As soon as punk revival and grunge bands came in the mainstream in 1990s, it was then, used in order to indentify the acts that had an outsider view. In the early to the mid 1990s, a number of great indie bands evolved such as, Riot grrrl bands that address social menace like rape, sexuality, domestic abuse, patriarchy so on and so forth. With a new wave in music in the year 2000s, the industry changed significantly and so some indie rock acts happened to gain a whole lot of commercial success. Aftermath of the Nirvana's success, rock indie bands were identified of being against macho culture.

Majorly, the artist involved in the great indie bands believed to have do-it-yourself kind of attitude and probably this is how, the indie rock term was derived. The styles and influences of each artist have been different. Punk and psychedelia influenced some, whereas the others preferred country and rock. Punk bands generally created hard and fast music with short songs composed in anti-establishment lyrics. Those who are influenced by country, their music were consists of dance tunes and ballads composed through harmonicas, banjos, guitars etc. Allmusic indentifies the rock indie bands working on varied musical approaches that are highly compatible with the mainstream tastes.

The mainstream success could be possible in the year 2000, where internet was used as an efficient device for promotion of the great indie bands and their music. Back in years, when the term 'indie' had limited usage in the United States, now became the choice for majority of the Americans and for worldwide audience, who spoke about the pop and rock music. In early 2000s, a group of band emerged and brought down the basic version of rock music into the conventional. As the rock indie bands stripped-down from varied countries, they were hence categorized differently like part of post-punk, garage rock or new wave revival. Electric Six, the Detroit Cobras, the Von Bondies and of New York, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the Rapture and Radio 4 are a few inclusion in the Detroit rock scene. The’s, an all-female rock trio from Japan, gained both national and regional success.

Mainly four great indie bands enjoyed the commercial breakthrough, namely, The White Stripes, with their album, White Blood Cells (2001); The Strokes, from New York, with their debut Is This It (2001); The Hives, emerged from Sweden and last but not the least The Vines with Highly Evolved (2002). Along with them, evolved a second wave of rock indie bands, which manages to get acclamation internationally that included The Black Keys, Modest Mouse, Interpol, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Kings of Leon and The Killers from the US. Third generation bands include Dirty Ghosts, Warpaint, Dum Dum Girls, Zola Jesus, Band of Skulls, Wye Oak, St. Vincent and School of Seven Bells.

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