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Posted by AmandaTom on September 30th, 2013

When you think of the usual corporate gifts, you may assume practical things or standard presents that you can find in most supermarkets. Why not trying to make a nice impression and surprise your employees or customers with a really unique present, such as sweet hampers filled with luxury chocolate and personalized packaging.

Statistics have shown that up to 20% of a certain company’s loyal customers are brought by the 80% of the initial ones. Although most market strategies are applied in order to attract new clients, the loyal ones should never be neglected. It’s a wonderful idea to show them your gratitude and think of some special and original way of showing them your appreciation for their support and devotement.

The extra service you can take advantage of when ordering sweet hampers, red, white or blue jubilee truffles and other luxury chocolate treats is that you can personalize your gift with your company’s logo, brand or add a certain thank you message to mark this great event. Imagine how enchanted and nicely impressed your customers will be to see you have thought of such an original method to award them for their contribution to your company’s profit.

Sweet hampers come in various sizes, and you can opt for dark, white or mixed luxury chocolate. When ordering these exceptional presents you must not expect what you can usually find inside malls or even specialized stores. The idea is that you want to really impress those whom you send the corporate gifts to, and this can be achieved only when choosing high quality rare items.

A team of soulful, talented and dedicated chefs can take your bespoke orders and carefully select the best ingredients in the world, so that they achieve handcrafting the most delicious chocolate you cannot find elsewhere. They can take small orders, but large ones as well, up the ten thousand chocolate products.

Other good news about this literally sweet and lovely idea of offering luxury chocolate items is that you can find so many different sizes and types of products to pick from, starting with very affordable prices. Pending on how large your order is you may also find discounts and bonuses.

Browsing through delightful photo galleries of various truffles, bonbons, special treats, sweet hampers, and similar chocolate products can be a relaxing and stimulating activity. You will simply not resist the temptation of indulging yourself into this sweet and tasty guilty pleasure. Various experts along time have stated that chocolate has indeed a very benefit effect on your mood and psychic conditions. Some doctors even recommend their clients to try eating chocolate when feeling depressed. It is a known fact that chocolate increases your serotonin level, which is responsible for your happy mood.

Therefore, why not awarding yourself and other people, who are special and important for you with a delicate, refined and very tasty treat. Once you’ve tried a luxury handcrafted chocolate you will never again compare it the ones you can find in the usual stores, as this experience is indeed created to be memorable and unique.

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