Tui Na: find Taoist China in London massage parlors

Posted by maryparker on October 2nd, 2013

Orientalism was always fashionable, ever since Europeans found out that if you go East far enough, you are bound to find a country full of people speaking an incomprehensible language and having so much silk and valuables you can’t help but force opium on them. If you don’t hit something like Kamchatka, that is. Then you probably went too far North. Kamchatka is great in its own way, mind you, but not much silk there, unfortunately, and bears tend to pay for opium in berries, salmon, and pine cones. Another huge plus of China compared to Kamchatka is a rich history of massage techniques. Tui Na is one of them, and if you’re looking for it, chances are you will find it in a London massage parlor or Leeds massage salon.

There’s a good reason for this type of massage to come all the way to your local Leeds massage parlor or London massage salon. It offers many benefits to your mind and body, and thankfully, it doesn’t take a person to spend twenty five years in a mountain monastery, so the pool of Leeds massage specialists and London massage professionals qualified to do Tui Na massage has the potential to grow rapidly. So why should you phone your local Leeds massage salon or London massage parlor and ask if they offer Tui Na massage?

Well, first of all, Tui Na is therapy method as old as two thousand years. It’s bound to have something that attracted customers over this long, long stretch of time, right? After all, you can’t even guarantee that iPhones will be around for half as long, never mind full two millennia. Furthermore, an iPhone really can’t help you with, say, arthritis. Wait, what are the benefits of the iPhone again? You can call other people and it looks cool? Well, Tui Na is better than that. Tui Na offers a ton of health benefits, such as already mentioned relief from arthritis.

This, however, works best if you know exactly what you are looking for with this massage. If you go into a Leeds massage parlor or London massage salon and ask for a Tui Na massage to ease your neck pain, you’ll get a massage specialized for that body part. If you go in and ask for an overall Tui Na, it won’t be as effective, though there’s a way to use Tui Na to help any part of the body. It can be as vague as “muscle problems” or “bone problems” or as precise as “muscle spasms in the calf”. It also removes energy blockages and keeps the energy flowing along all the right lines of the body, if that’s what troubling you.

Tui Na is an authentic Chinese massage technique that is great for alleviating pain in each and every body part, as well as for general wellness. Look for London massageparlors and Leeds massagesalons that have certified specialists performing Tui Na for guaranteed effect.

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