Interior Design Consultants Have Better Understanding of Practicality vs. Design

Posted by genedumas on October 3rd, 2013

The interior design consultants are getting significant popularity and prominence as they have a better understanding of practicality Vs design. They are the ones who know the real importance of richness of light in all its forms. Like always, lighting is credited for creating stunning results.

These interior design consultants advocate the installation of lighting fixture and their switching on to brighten up a space. This is one sure shot way to get rid of the gloom of an autumn weather. Bringing a room to its life by employing lights is a highly challenging affair. However, these consultants are easily able to meet these challenges as they have proper qualification and training in this regard. They are aware of different types of moods a well-designed lighting scheme can evoke. Because they have years of practical experience and exposure, they are capable of using suitable lighting scheme for different kinds of interior spaces.

The good thing about interior design consultants is – they are familiar with techniques of harnessing light and then transform the interior to a satisfactory level. No wonder they have the ability of recreating the authenticity of a natural light and shade in almost every living space.

If you are planning to avail services of these Interior Design Consultants, avoid choosing the less experienced designers. For, they mainly focus on colors, textures and textiles. As a consequence, they forget almost everything about lighting till the arrival of final steps. On the contrary, the experienced consultants turn a lacklustre and flat looking room into an attractive one. Simply installing a priceless antique or a gorgeous expensive wooden floor will do no good if it is not properly lit. It is the knowledgeable and experienced interior design consultants, who employ the wall-washers in both the formats – surface installed and recessed models. They do so to throw light uniformly over the top and along the wall. When it comes to accentuating both horizontals and verticals, they employ the up-lighters and down-lighters. If there is a requirement of throwing light primarily onto the vertical surfaces, they prefer the wall-washers. If the wall-washer in question features a wide beam fixture or a frosted lens, it offers a warm ambient light. On the other hand, if the requirement is creating a powerful feature lighting fixture, they choose the narrow-beam model.

These consultants produce decorative lighting by making an effective use of traditional styles. If the need is for authenticity, they opt for replica fixtures. To produce engaging decorative effect, they make sure to match table lamps with the low-voltage focus lights. This is helpful in highlighting an historic skirting board. They are equally effective in creating lighting schemes just to reinterpret a perfect style of an interior.

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