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Buying a Coffee Table

Posted by Furnituresupply on August 27th, 2020

What should I consider when buying a Coffee Table?

1 – Design
2 – Function


A good coffee table can be one of the most eye catching items in any room if a bit of time is put into making the decision. If you are matching one to a pre-existing sofa or if your coffee table will be the first piece you place in the room the main two things to keep in mind are the size and the legs.

Your coffee table will always need to be in line with the size of the space you are putting it in. If it is a large living room, a small coffee table will look out of place even if it is big enough to hold a cup of coffee and a magazine. Likewise if you have a small room, you should look to get one of the smaller options, such as the Kimi round table.

Between your entertainment unit, your sofa and your coffee table you should be trying to maintain some points of similarity and the easiest way to do so is to make sure that all of the items have a similar design and material in regard to the leg. Whether it is the body of the sofa, the main section of the TV unit or the top of the coffee table, the same piece can fit into many different styles depending on the leg that it is used with. A slimline tapered leg can make a natural wood tabletop look decidedly Scandinavian whereas the same top with a clean, white metal leg can fit a minimalist look just right. Using that example, see our Makena Coffee Table for a great take on a minimalist look. Whilst it has a natural top, just like the Hendrix Coffee Table, it wouldn’t be as good of a fit for a room using the Hendrix TV Unit. Because it has a glossy black leg, you could then add a bit of colour with a sofa like the Cove 2 Piece Lounge Suite and before you know it, just by choosing a coffee table style and a leg type you have put together a look that wouldn’t look out of place in the next billboard showing off a luxury penthouse suite that may be a bit harder to afford than our ranges. Read More…..

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