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Posted by AxelPrice on October 5th, 2013

The past century has transformed the way we live dramatically, and with the evolution of the internet and technological advances, we have the world at our feet – virtually, of course. The internet has allowed us to stay connected with the others, to speak with one another from thousands of miles away, to have access to the same top ten news stories, because any individual story or event is now a global one.

Nowadays, the top news stories this week have a universal relevance, simply because the rise of the internet has made it possible for people to connect with what is happening throughout the globe. Political issues, social issues, science and discoveries are an interest for all humanity and not solely for those which are directly present at an event. Nowadays, reading the top news stories this week makes you feel like you are a part of all the major events of the world, and not just what is happening next to you. The internet has made distance and space irrelevant; in fact, in the information arena, time is the only factor of relevance, and whoever gets his hands on information in the shortest time possible has a power tool for success. This is why getting to know which the top ten news stories of the day are means having an edge over others.

Live reporting and live journalism is a necessity for the world nowadays, which needs to bring large quantities of information in almost no time. As such, reading the top ten news stories gives you access to the most relevant news that are shaping and changing our world. To be able to survive in a powerful competitive environment such as ours, you need to look for information, to keep up with the events of the world, the discoveries made, the problems we are facing, but also the joys we are witnessing. Looking at the top news stories this week, you’ll see that there are plenty of topics, and not just a few social and political issues. You could read about ways to have a healthier life, to protect the environment, to raise your children, to feel more optimistic or simply ways of making more money. In our world, small news is just as interesting as major events and happenings.

Just a few decades ago, people would rely on newspapers or, in the best case, their TV to find out the news. Now, we’re independent of TV and newspaper program. There’s no need to wait for the evening news bulletin or the morning newspaper to find out what’s new. You can simply go online and access an online newspaper or a news agency or blog, or, if you don’t fancy spending time on news every day, you can simply read the top news stories this week at the beginning or end of every week. There are no opening hours you have to respect, so you can visit news blogs in the earliest hours of the day, or at any time, for that matter. Since these blogs and websites are constantly updated, you’ll always be in touch with what is happening, in real time.

The top news stories this week are speaking about a series of major international events. Read the top ten news stories to always stay informed.

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