Getting Familiar with Affenpinscher Standard, a Lovely Family Dog

Posted by CesarMuler on October 6th, 2013

Once you have decided to adopt a dog into your family, you certainly have to learn a few general facts about its behavior and temperament. Get better acquainted with Affenpinscher standard traits, in order to see if it fits your family’s needs and expectations.

Before you start searching for authorized and reliable Affenpinscher breeders, you should first acquire some information about particular characteristics of this breed. Affenpinscher standard about their appearance let you know that they are wiry-haired terrier-like house pets. They are medium boned, compact and sturdy. Their coat is usually black haired, but it can also be silver, grey, brownish or red. The hair is a bit longer on the head and it gives the overall impression of a monkey face.

If you keep account of some Affenpinscher standard traits you can easily tell whether a certain specimen is pure breed or not. For an example, the nose should be turned neither up, nor down, the lower lip should be quite prominent, and the jaw covers the teeth entirely. These are only a few characteristics you can look after when trying to adopt an authentic Affenpinscher pet.

Although Affenpinshen standard traits tell you this is not the delicate type of medium sized dog, these pets are definitely cute and funny. They have a noticeable way of carrying themselves with comic seriousness. Children are very amused by their monkey like face and playful attitude.

Affenpinscher breeders can offer valuable information about their temperament, sometimes providing you with exemplifying videos. These pets are usually quiet, but can react quite aggressively and noisy when attacked or threatened. They are protective and behave fearless toward the source of threat.

When you want to proceed further with your adoption process you must ensure you pick the right Affenpinscher breeders. They have to be KC registered and the most professional of them are CC winners. You can use the internet as a reliable source for finding out facts and references about Affenpinscher breeders.

Reliable breeders own a personal website where you can find all the information you need related to their business and photo galleries of the pets. You can get in contact with them for asking other necessary details and a prompt response will comply with your requests and enquiries.

Affenpinscher pets are adorable as puppies and very playful and active. They are lovely companions for families with children, as they are fun-loving, protective, and curious. Affenpinscher dogs are among very loyal and devoted family pets, but they sometimes have a stubborn behavior and this demands firm and continuous training.

This breed has been often compared to terriers, so this means, among other specific traits, that they tend to become quite territorial with their food and toys. That’s why Affenpinscher breeders don’t usually recommend adoption into families with very small children. Instead, they are wonderful toy pets for families with a sense of humor that will appreciate their amusing seriousness and playful temperament.

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