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Posted by GeorgeVelvet on October 6th, 2013

Having decided you want to bring a new member into your family, you must get well informed about Affenpinscher standard characteristics. Affenpinscher puppies are cute and lovely to have around, but find out more about their adult traits and behaviour.

It’s advisable to know from the start what your expectations from your family’s pets are, and then start searching for suitable breeds that comply with your requests. Affenpinscher standard traits reveal that they are active, playful and fun-loving animals. They are usually quiet dogs, but tend to become noisy and aggressive toward the source of threat. They are very protective and affectionate. Another important Affenpinscher standard characteristic is that they can be stubborn and require continuous and firm training, from an early age.

Related to Affenpinscher standard appearance you must have a clear idea, in order to detect genuine breed from mixed ones. They are coated with dense hair, coloured in black, silver, grey, red or brownish. The hair is longer on their face, and this renders them a monkey like appearance, which turns them into very comic and lovable pets.

There are specific traits you need to keep account of, when trying to select an authentic pedigree pet. For an example, the nose must be black and turned neither up nor down, the mouth is also black, with strong jaws, covering the teeth, and the lower lip is quite prominent. 

Affenpinscher puppies are charming little creatures with a very active and curious temperament. This breed has often been compared to terriers, and the negative aspect of that is that they tend to be very possessive with their toys and food. This is a reason for which Affenpinscher breeders don’t recommend adoption into families with very young children.

It’s advisable that you start training Affenpinscher puppies with firmness and constancy. These playful pets tend to get bored easily, so you may want to diverse and improvise your training methods. The internet can be a reliable source of information related to training methods, and you can make use of several exemplifying videos.

Once you have decided for an Affenpinscher puppy you must find a reliable and professional breeder. You need to check whether they are KC registered, and you may be able to adopt a puppy with CC winning Affenpinchers parents. Most reliable breeders are those who participate to international championships, and are reputed for their pedigree specimens.

You can also check forums and read tutorials in order to ensure you will adopt a healthy puppy. Get in touch with previous clients and ask for their impression and experience with adopting from certain breeders. Before you opt for adopting an Affenpinscher you can contact a reliable breeder and address any enquiry you have related to raising and training this breed.

It’s important that you get all the essential information about what to expect from an Affenpinscher dog prior to making the purchasing. If you intend having an affectionate, comic looking, playful, quiet and protective pet, you can rely on the charming company of an Affenpinscher dog.

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