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Posted by AmandaTom on October 8th, 2013

No software application can be successful without testing. Before any software application is delivered to a client hundreds of tests are run to ensure that the application has been performing optimally. QTP is one of the automation software applications that can run both regression and functional tests automatically. The career scope in QTP is excellent but only those that have the proper experience and exposure to this application are able to make the most of the career scopes. While QTP training can be gone through from many IT training companies there are websites that offer various QTP help resources for free.

One of the issues with making a career in IT is that you are not sure for a while the path you are going to take. You try this and try that and after a couple of years in the IT domain you finally settle down on a particular line of IT. QTP is a highly specialized part of the overall IT scenario and if you can settle down on this line of IT early in your career there is no stopping you. And since there are online QTP training and QTP help resources available there is no reason why you cannot succeed provided you have the skill and the will.

There are various tests that are run in an IT environment. Some of the common tests that are run include OS and platform independence, easy logging and debugging, distributed SUT, workflow tests and version control. Some of the tests are code driven and some are GUI driven. Automation is needed in testing because manual testing can be extremely laborious and may require a lot of mandays spent. When someone is able to automate the testing process time and effort are saved and human errors are also eliminated. When someone becomes a QTP professional they create and execute these automated tests.

Needless to say QTP is a critical job because someone creates an automation process that checks that an application is running fine before it is delivered to a client. Hence, one needs extreme IT skills and expertise to become successful in this domain. Like all other IT applications QTP also requires a mix of theory and practice. Theory can be offered by textbooks and in classes but when it comes to practical testing people often struggle to find the right resource.

Online QTP training is available from very select websites. Since QTP is a specialized domain it has lesser number of professionals compared to some of the more common IT domains. And fewer among these professionals have the time and inclination to share their knowledge. But there are some and these are the people that offer the best QTP help resources.

QTP training online offers you everything in this domain but especially a lot of practical resources. As you use more and more QTP help resources you start understanding how QTP works in the real world scenario. And the better you understand this better will be the automation you can design.

Practical QTP training is something that can help you make a career in QTP. Take practical online QTP help and become better at this subject.

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