You also bring up an interesting point

Posted by sarahbulaiman on October 9th, 2013

Yes, scamming was and in some ways still is a big problem in RuneScape.  ("ZOMG RUNESCAPE DOESN'T LET YOU TYPE YOUR PASS!! WATCH: ********" anyone?)  Granted this issue was more prevalent six or seven years ago.  I actually fell for Buy RS3 Gold when I was new.  Nowadays it's not as common as the populace is much wiser than it once was and these scams are taken more seriously by Jagex.  That being said there are a few numbnuts that try this stunt but they don't get very far.

You also bring up an interesting point: the target demographic.  The game is primarily targeted at 13+ but there is no system that accurately picks out those who lie about there age.  This game draws in a lot of young people that, even though they don't know any better, can be bothersome.  I can safely say there are a lot of players who started out when they were young and this game still draws in that sort of crowd.  Now it's not so bad as the notorious 8-year-olds on XBox Live; the lack of voice chat makes it much more tolerable.  However I do believe this is part of the reason the community as a whole gets a bad rap.

While on the subject of age, and I suppose to correct myself a bit, there are people of all ages who play RuneScape besides the target demographic and those younger. Some of my best friends in the game, even when I was younger, were 18+, some even 40 years old. It's not a game completely and totally dominated by little kids or young adults. There is likely a plethora of Guilds (yeah, they actually have guilds in the game now) centered around older people who play the game.If you don't have any more to add, with all of the changes we've been mentioning, perhaps we should talk about how the game has been over the years? In other words, how it was then, and how it is now.

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