MacBook repair: Replacing the heat sink

Posted by CesarMuler on October 9th, 2013

MacBook is a great product, and Apple is company with a reputation for producing robust gadgets. However, all computers are subject to the wear and tear of everyday use, and MacBook is no exception. MacBook repair can be done at home if you have experience tinkering with hardware. If you’re just a clueless user, however, you will be better off going to a Mac repair firm or find a friend experienced in performing MacBook repair. What about those situations when you just can’t get to a good MacBook repair company?

What if you need a Mac repair stranded on an iceberg? Chances are, replacing the heat sink would be the last thing on your mind in that situation, first thing being polar bears, and second being “I can’t hunt seals they are too cute but then I will die of hunger but they are too cute hunger cute hunger cute” and then your laptop shuts down and you realize that your heat sink is dead. And then a DIY Mac repair is the first thing on your mind, because polar bears don’t really like attacking humans. Humans smell strange, and look even weirder. Anyway, if you are unable to use the services of a MacBook repair company for one reason or another, and if you desperately need to do a Mac repair, well, you can try doing it yourself. At least repairing the heat sink is not much of a problem. So, wondering how to perform this Mac repair? Find out.

Start by removing the battery from the computer. You’ll find the memory cover under the battery. Unscrew the Phillips screws from along the rear wall of where the battery used to be, and place them somewhere where they will be safe. Remove the memory cover. You can just pull really hard and break it, or lift it up, slide to the right, and take out. Then remove the three screws holding the upper case. Unscrew the screws holding the rear wall of the battery compartment, and do the same for the screws holding the sides of the compartment. Don’t touch the screws which are right next to the battery connector. Then unscrew the front wall of the battery compartment. Remove only the second, fourth, seventh, and ninth screw. Then remove the screws on the back of the computer, and the screws which are on the side of the CD/DVD player.

Starting from the display and working through the sides, gently pry up the upper case. Carefully remove all the ribbons and wires which connect the trackpad and ribbon to the logic board. Peel up the black tape between the sink and the fan and then remove the black rubber cover from the heat sink. Disconnect the sink, and unscrew it. Finally, lift the sink out of the computer. Voila. You are done, and your MacBook is almost as good as new. This is a relatively simple MacBook repair. If you are not confident in your abilities, seek professional help.

Replacing a failed heat sink is a common Mac repair job. If you want it to be done safely and quickly, take your laptop to a MacBook repair company.

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