Combat is an important aspect of the gameplay

Posted by sarahbulaiman on October 10th, 2013

Some skills, such as defence and hitpoints, increase the players prowess in combat. Some skills, such as woodcutting and fishing, enable the player to collect raw materials that can be processed into usable items using other skills, such as fletching and cooking. The items created can be used by the player or sold to other players in game for Runescape 3 Gold. Other skills allow players to kill certain non-player characters, build their own houses, and move around the map with greater ease.

Combat is an important aspect of the gameplay in RuneScape, as it is one of the most direct ways of gaining wealth and is needed to start and complete many quests. Combat level, determined by applying a formula to the seven combat skills, is usually referred to simply as "level". Combat level is the only information about the player that is visible to all other players while in game. The minimum combat level is 3; the maximum combat level a player can reach is 126. Other skill levels increase total levels and overall rankings, which can be seen by other players on the official "high scores".

Unlike most games in the MMORPG genre, RuneScape does not require players to choose a character class. Players are not bound to a specific category of combat, and they may freely change between the three styles of combat at any time simply by switching weapons, armours, or the form and focus of attack. Players can carry the weapons and armours of the three combat categories in their inventories, switching between or even combining the styles at will.

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